Wed 28 Sep 2022 1:11PM

Closing down a coop

MW matt wilson Public Seen by 171

hi all

as some of you will know, we've sadly taken the decision to clse bartleby's worker coop down.

we're now looking for some help with the adminstrative side of things, so if any one has any knowledge on this, can recommend solicitors with experience of this (if we need them) or any other thoughts, please let me know...

on a personal note, for those who are interested:

i'm still going to be involved in solidfund, but i'd like to say once again a massive thank you to this community for all the help we had over the years... covid was the final straw, emotionally as much as organisationally, but i'm glad we stuck with it for the last few years, and solidfund played a large part in that happening... so thanks...


matt wilson Wed 28 Sep 2022 4:49PM

thanks for all the help so far... adrian - more than happy so hre the questions, but it looks like i'm getting there with some offers of help, so i'll hold of for now but will post more later if i still need input...



Steve West (graphics.coop) Mon 3 Oct 2022 10:47AM

Hi Matt, I have some experience of this. so send me a message if you'd like to ask me anything. From memory, it was a smooth process – we had to cease trading for a while beforehand and deregister for VAT, then close down the bank account. (The only hiccup was that I didn't do the "ceasing to be an employer" bit promptly and forgot to make a submission to HMRC for the month that we had no employees but hadn't yet informed them that we'd ceased. This led to a spurious tax demand a couple of years later.)


matt wilson Mon 3 Oct 2022 11:54AM

Hi Steve

thanks a lot. been sidetracked by an unexpected workload this work (a different job) but i'll be in touch next week...