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Fiscal Sponsorships

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Thread for discussing and consenting on fiscal sponsorship proposals.


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Musick Creek Wildlands: A forest workshop for art, science & community Closed Fri 7 Dec 2018 1:03AM

via Joel Pomerantz on 14 Nov 2018:

For the Omni Commons delegates.

We're an arts and forest stewardship center arranging to purchase a specific property in the Sierra. We are explicitly non-hierarchical and egalitarian. We will establish the land as a public resource in perpetuity, continuing our acoustic music gatherings and other cultural and educational events there. We already incorporated (thanks to help from Laura Turiano and Jesse Palmer!) but haven’t finished the application process yet for tax exempt status. One donor says they want to give us $5k this and $5k next year but it turns out it’s through a “donor advised fund” which means we can’t be ready in time to accept the $5k this year. Unless, that is, we have fiscal sponsorship from a group that already has 501(c)3 with a compatible mission, such as Omni. We just need fiscal sponsoring for a one-timer. We request that you support our work by making us a project of Omni to take advantage of this specific donation offer. We also hope for opportunities to collaborate in the future on cultural projects and connection with the land! But this request pertains only to the one current donor bind we are in. Would you support us on this? Our organization is officially called Musick Creek Confluence.

This project link provides the curious with much more depth about our project. [Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ok2xkhoj6q66ckw/AABoWi5R0T8_T6_lVGkdkGL3a?dl=0 ]

Thank you for your consideration!

PS: Interestingly, the Awesome Foundation, of which I am a member, helped fund the purchase of the building at Omni Commons! I say that only as a token community alignment, but it is not particularly relevant to the above request, being a different organization altogether.


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Jenny Ryan
Fri 23 Nov 2018 1:46AM

This is a small $5,000 grant which should be easy to handle, to help out a fomenting project to build an aligned wilderness eco-space for learning and creating in community.


... Anka
Fri 23 Nov 2018 2:47AM

I don't see any social justice component of their work and from the video they have on YouTube it might be all white people. I might be wrong tho, just basing it on what I read and found online.


Ken Litchfield
Sun 25 Nov 2018 11:19PM

I'm OK with this.


Jenny Ryan Fri 23 Nov 2018 1:49AM

Replying to my followup email, Joel sent the following:

"December 6 may work. Here are my thoughts to help this along and then I’ll answer your question directly.

For the record, I’m not proposing a “comprehensive fiscal sponsorship” in which we’d be a project of Omni and Omni would be responsible for our legal or tax filings. Rather, I am proposing a “pre-approved grant relationship” as the type of fiscal sponsorship. We'll remain our own entity, be responsible for our own filings and receive the funds in the form of a grant from Omni, based on a contract that basically says:

1) Omni will give us the money within 60 days of receiving it, less the admin fee we agree on.
2) A determination about contingency and size limits for another large similar thing coming up before we have our own status. Note that we would only use such a second grant contingency if it’s from another donor advised fund (or other entity that requires a nonprofit determination letter prior to the donation) as most of our donations come right to us because they don’t require that."


CyberbationXX Fri 23 Nov 2018 2:12AM

I am generally in favor of supporting this project. Using the pre-approved grant model means that the mission of Music CC has to align with OC's mission. I have not noticed anything in these exchanges about MCC's mission. Finally I have always been under the impression that the funding
source for the purchase of OC was confidential. If that is the case I question
the propriety of your PS; but I likely have misunderstood something.


Jenny Ryan Fri 23 Nov 2018 2:24AM

Omni has never received a grant from Awesome Foundation, so I don't know what that's about...

Re: the mission, more info can be found in the project link, such as:

"Project values & purposes

We wish to establish a resource for local and extended communities that will last for generations—a shared natural workshop run by those who love it. We have created an ownership structure that supports stewardship based on a nonhierarchical model. We make decisions in ways that empower those with the strongest desires and the energy to accomplish our deliberated goals. We build trust through caring communication.

We have set out:
⬗ To care for the land in ways that build group knowledge and personal involvement and protect it far into the future.
⬗ To make structural improvements aesthetically and ecologically integrated to the systems nature has established.
⬗ To encourage and support camping events, educational gatherings, artistic adventures and right livelihood opportunities that make use of the property.⬗ To care for one another in ways that build trust and egalitarian community participation.
⬗ To provide a place for exploring and demonstrating healthy, nurturing, celebratory relationships between humans and earth , including permanent land stewardship.
⬗ To have fun working, learning and creating together."


Help open a professional kitchen at the Omni Commons in Oakland!



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CyberbationXX Fri 23 Nov 2018 8:42PM

Sounds OK but I do not see mention of POC, Poor, or marginalized communities. Nevertheless it is
an easy ask an Laura and Jesse must did it, so I’m
Be well my dear Jenny


Ken Litchfield Fri 23 Nov 2018 7:17AM

Pardon, but I can't determine who Cyberbation is, from FNB I believe, but is it OK to ID yourself?


Laura Fri 23 Nov 2018 8:19AM

Awesome Foundation contributed $500 to our original crowdfunding campaign.

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