Priorities for 2014

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What should Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ focus on in 2014 (aside from fundraising)?

This discussion will help us to formulate the next CCANZ roadmap.

Points from the discussion:

  • Promote widely to business, media, and creative practitioners
  • CC Talk at Lightening Lab
  • Policy recommendations for various sectors
    • OERs and education
    • Research (incl. data)
    • Culture and heritage
    • Entertainment and media
  • more detailed explanations of what each license means in practice
  • a Public Domain calculator for NZ
  • documentation of CC uptake and re-use in NZ (beyond Case Studies)

Helen Baxter Tue 5 Nov 2013 9:08PM

Promoting the value of Creative Commons more widely to business and media. You've already done a great job with the education sector, how can we position CC as a tool for creative practitioners and companies? Perhaps doing a talk at the next Lightning Lab would be a good place to start.


Matt McGregor Tue 5 Nov 2013 10:13PM

Great idea. I've just emailed Dave.


Matt McGregor Tue 5 Nov 2013 11:21PM

What about developing short papers outlining CCANZ's policy recommendations for various sectors? There have been opportunities to make submissions in the past -- notably the PBRF and NZOnAir submissions -- but these have often been put together rapidly, with no real chance for community input.


Penny Carnaby Wed 6 Nov 2013 2:06AM

Nice idea I am especially keen to see CC develop a position on access to publically funded research outputs including data


Matt McGregor Wed 6 Nov 2013 9:43PM

Yes, absolutely. I think clear positions are needed on:
1. OERs.
2. Research (incl. data).
3. Open culture and heritage. Any others?


Fabiana Kubke Wed 6 Nov 2013 10:17PM

Is there already one for school policies? I know you have done a lot of work there, but not sure if there is a "template"/recommendation a school could pull to bring up to their board.


Matt McGregor Wed 6 Nov 2013 10:50PM

@fabianakubke There is a long document I put together in 2012, though that was more of a gathering of basic knowledge on copyright and CC in schools. I think we can do better -- though you're right that a lot of the thinking on this has been done.

I've just printed 5000 CC policy brochures for BoTs, which points to a template policy that schools can adapt. That should (hopefully!) be suitable for most schools.

I see the purpose of a broader OER paper as (ideally) legitimising the idea of OERs at a national policy level, giving us a knowledge base for future submissions, etc.


Matthew Oliver Thu 7 Nov 2013 11:50PM

@mattmcgregor Following our conversation on the train lat night and the blog post we talked about (http://blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2013/08/31/troubling-open-access-cc-by/), I'd really like to see some plain English information on what the licences really mean, eg, if you use XX licence, people can do this but can't do that. Also need to place that in context of what people can do through fair use regardless of licence in use - ie, explaining that BY-NC still allows for fair use by commercial users.

(And to note that I'm coming late to the conversation so maybe all this has been done.)



Matt McGregor Fri 8 Nov 2013 12:21AM

@matthewoliver Yes, absolutely agree! This has been in demand internationally for some time. The CCHQ Wiki -- where some of this documentation is meant to sit -- is widely acknowledged as a bit of a mess, and not helpful to end users. They're sorting that out at present, but it still might not fit the bill.

Perhaps I (and others) could re-write some of the explanations available internationally, and re-purpose them for the CCANZ site (and for an NZ context)?


Matthew Oliver Fri 8 Nov 2013 12:40AM

@mattmcgregor happy to help with that!

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