Tue 25 Oct 2016 12:44PM

Positive Platform Jam: calling OuiShare Ecosystem to help us shape Platforms for the Future

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Hello OuiShareans,
I wanted to find a moment to talk with the OuiShare community about the Positive Platforms Jam. I'm currently leading the design of this event with Institute For The Future a very respectable foresight entity from the US.

The Positive Platforms Jam(s)

Look at the announcement here: PPJAM Presentation post

This event is a 2 day Design Jam, happening in Palo Alto on the 30th of November and December 1st and is focused to explore the topic of Positive Platforms: the positive platforms vision is related to the Workable Future research stream that recently released a beautiful report called Voices of Workable future you can see here. Here also a good post to help you understand better the concept. Basically we're talking about a proposition that is really related to platform coop thinking maybe with a less strong political position, remember IFTF is from Silicon Valley.

The format is going to be based on a mix between a Design Jam and an Open Space Technology - The aim of the Jam(s) is to produce: policy primers, platform designs, software artifacts (eg in data protection), Design Prototypes along key challenges like:

  • Enhancing the Platform - Worker relationship
  • Envisioning new ways to Funding, Ownership and Governance
  • Generating & Measuring Transformative Outcomes
  • Ensuring Transparency and Fairness on Platforms

What I'm asking the community and the possibilities for OuiShare

From the very first days of designing the jam I insisted on the possibility to organize distributed jams all over the world (1 day or 2 day events) and not limit this to Palo Alto. We already got applications from Italy, Brazil and Louisiana and I know Thomas wants to make a Jam in Berlin in parallel to the Platform Coop event (there's no need to have it on the same dates, I would say that having them before mid december should work). We're going to release guidelines on how to organize.

Why is this an a good opportunity for OS connectors?
Beyond the co-creative reasoning on the concept of Positive platforms the IFTF will also provide four 10k fellowships to do joint research for three months and this application will be open to anyone that organized or participated to the Jams (I guess I can be in the jury).

I would like to have OuiShare become somehow an official partner, maybe just meaning we do an article on the blog (I can write, maybe I could interview Marina Gorbis) and have a newsletter mention (when is the next planned?)

I also think we should try to have a satellite Jam at least in Paris, BCN, London and other OS hubs and cities. Those can also be 1 day events, informal.


if you know great people from Silicon Valley that may or should be interested in joining us there, please let me know so I can invite them!


David Canat Tue 25 Oct 2016 12:59PM

great project & opportunity... but bad timing on my end. I'll be in Brussels on Nov 30, flying to Barcelona on Dec 1. if a satellite jam happens in BCN, I can help out remotely & clean up the room at the end ;)


Ghislain Delabie Wed 26 Oct 2016 3:51AM

This looks great.
While not an expert in (positive) platform design, I'm most willing to participate in co-hosting a OuiShare Jam in Paris or elsewhere in Europe (BCN or Bruxelles?).
I'm actually having a project right now that's fairly close to a positive platform and I'd like to enrich this project with the jam outcomes. Also sine this platform is about consulting and research I'm interested in submitting research proposals next.
30nov-1st december is not easy for me, but could be a bit earlier in November or early Deember. What kind of support could we have from you to host such a jam (we will need methodology support, designers, ...)


Joachim Lohkamp Wed 26 Oct 2016 10:22AM

super cool Simone... congrats to your work. I'd be happy to support Thomas in Berlin based satellite jam


Simone Cicero Wed 26 Oct 2016 1:54PM

@ghislaindelabie @dcanat I think I'll check with the team in Barcelona after the OuiShare Fest about having a Jam here in Barcelona so I would suggest that Ghislain you focus on one in Paris. It's such an important node in EU Collaborative Economy and de-facto OuiShare HQ that I think we can leverage on substantial intelligence. David then I'll inform you about what's happening in BCN. Also I want to clarify that is not key to have the Jams on Dec 1st/2nd but can be also postponed a little bit, I guess by end of December.

@joachimlohkamp1 that's very interesting, I think @thomasdonnebrink can enjoy some help in moving forward on how to integrate this with the platform coop event. Can you guys coordinate directly?

In both cases I need you guys to apply on the official webpage if possible asap.

What's happen next is: we crete a Google group to coordinate and share guidelines.

FYI Milano, Rome are also coming if some of you guys is interested to join.


Joachim Lohkamp Thu 27 Oct 2016 6:37PM

hey Simone... will talk with @thomasdonnebrink regarding platformcoop in NY tomorrow and also will address this with him.. again very happy to support this :)


Alexandre Bigot-Verdier Wed 26 Oct 2016 2:40PM

this is great @simonecicero !

We will 4 quebecers at the conference Platform coop. It might begin a momentum leading to such a jam in Montreal. The timing is quite short though but I try to see what can be done in Montreal soon with the blockchain community and other enthousiasts.


Simone Cicero Thu 27 Oct 2016 10:17AM

@alexmtl you can also organize a small 1 day event, the guidelines will help you and the format will be suggested as an Open Space Technology so there's not much preparation needed. The only thing you need to do is attracting a few participants. Again I suggest you guys submit a formal applications so I can get you on the organizers group


Alexandre Bigot-Verdier Thu 27 Oct 2016 2:50PM

I put it on the agenda of our next team meeting. Answer next week!


Simone Cicero Thu 27 Oct 2016 5:12PM

Fyi: I think applications for remote jams kinda close on the 5th!


David Canat Fri 28 Oct 2016 11:52AM

hi all, so I've established contact with the organizers of nomadcity.org, a series of leisure & work events in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain, taking place before 150 normadic workers board the nomadcruise.com.
the idea would be to host a jam, with a specific scope on nomadic work, on Dec 6 afternoon & Dec 7 morning, for about 12-15 participants. @simonecicero is there any hope of recieving a few hundred euros from IFTF to cover expenses? x


Simone Cicero Fri 28 Oct 2016 2:57PM

Let me check @dcanat - not sure this is easy but I'll check.

To all of you interested I suggest to make an application asap, I'll soon start a Google group to coordinate remote jams - deadline for application is 6th of Nov.


Benjamin Tincq Fri 28 Oct 2016 1:55PM

This sounds super interesting @simonecicero ! and great that we're doing things with IFTF :) I think there should be something organized in Paris! cc @margueritegrandjea @taoufikvallipuram1


Marguerite Grandjean Fri 28 Oct 2016 2:10PM

Yes @btincq @ghislaindelabie @taoufikvallipuram1
I'm in indeed, but can't be lead either. I'll be happy to recruit relevant participants and to be there during the session (not organizing the whole thing) :)


Khushboo Balwani Mon 31 Oct 2016 3:11PM

This is really great @simonecicero
Too bad, I won't be able to host one in Brussels, busy with other commitments. But I'll share the news with local community to see if someone can lead.


Bernie J Mitchell Mon 31 Oct 2016 10:22PM

Hi @simonecicero I'm seeing @elenagiroli at our coworking spafe Thursday and see how we could make this work. Do you know anyone else in London who is interested? Making an event is one thing but I feel 'under qualified' on the topic. And, as s ever time and schedules are tight this side of Xmas.


Simone Cicero Mon 31 Oct 2016 11:13PM

I'll let you know if we get other interest expressions, so far no one knocked the door, btw we're going to release guidelines!


Simone Cicero Thu 3 Nov 2016 7:51AM

Hello all that expressed interest. I've checked with IFTF and it's possible to ask little help with event expenses - you need to specify the amount you're looking for in the application (cc @dcanat ) - though I can anticipate that it's better if you can self fund by taxing symbolic money to participants.

btw all: would be important to have your applications asap. Barcelona is joining as well :)

@ghislaindelabie @alexmtl @btincq @thomasdonnebrink @joachimlohkamp1

Since the location choice and setup may be urgent I thought you may need this ASAP.

Of course your event can be targeted for much less than 80 people, so please consider this: we are considering having up to 6/8 break out spaces available in parallel in the OST format in Palo Alto where we would like to have 80 ppl in average on the 2 days. (you can also work on 1 day only)

You can familiarize with OST from the wikipedia entry - if your not familiar yet - from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology but we will release you a detailed guideline since we would like to suggest a slightly adapted format.

Also, this is the fellowship timeline
- Dec 21, 2016 Deadline for applications / proposals for fellowships
- Jan 3-6, 2016 Committee panel reviews and votes on proposals
- Jan 10, 2017 IFTF announces "winners"
- Jan 16 - Apr 15, 2017 Duration of Fellowship program
- May 3, 2017 Due Date for Fellows to submit a short summary report, along with the final deliverable


Isabel Benitez Thu 3 Nov 2016 9:50AM

Great initiative! Please, do keep me in the loop for coms purposes :) Thanks!


Antonin Léonard Thu 3 Nov 2016 3:17PM

Awesome, Simo !


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Thu 3 Nov 2016 5:37PM

Don't get it... Is this taking place in Palo Alto? Are they paying transportation fees for participants?


Simone Cicero Thu 3 Nov 2016 9:36PM

One Jam - the main - is taking place in Palo Alto, but there's the possibility to organize satellite jams. All jams participants (included the satellite ones) will be welcome to submit research fellowship proposals. You could join @alexmtl if he still thinks of organizing one - it could be even a small 1 day event, no need to make a huge one. Given Sensorica track record on exploring this topic, if you're interested I could check the possibility to provide you with a travel support fee, if you're interested please write an application here https://workablefutures.org/events/iftf-positive-platforms-design-jam-1130-121/ and then let me know once done (simone@ouishare.net) - please specify the fee you would require.


Simone Cicero Mon 7 Nov 2016 11:21AM

hello peeps, this message just to highlight that the deadline is for 11th of Nov. So if you feel like applying please keep this in mind.

pinging people that expressed interest.
@ghislaindelabie @alexmtl @btincq @thomasdonnebrink @joachimlohkamp1 @albertcanigueral


Thomas Dönnebrink Mon 7 Nov 2016 12:28PM

Thanks @simonecicero for reminding. Just filled out the application. Will also meet @albertcanigueral tomorrow here in Barcelona and @joachimlohkamp1 and @alexmtl (latest) next Friday in NYC to talk more about it. Best to all. How about doing a skype call with all interested?


Joachim Lohkamp Mon 7 Nov 2016 12:40PM

so the application part is done and we fill in the details later @thomasdonnebrink ?


Simone Cicero Mon 7 Nov 2016 8:37PM

hello guys, I've reviewed the applications I'll followup by google group with the ones that applied. @thomasdonnebrink @joachimlohkamp1 should I add you both? PS: for all here are the fellowship terms https://workablefutures.org/events/iftf-positive-platforms-design-jam-1130-121/positive-platforms-fellowship-program/ PS: I won't be part of the jury


Thomas Dönnebrink Thu 10 Nov 2016 9:39AM

@joachimlohkamp1 @simonecicero about to leave for NYC. Let's talk about it later in NYC or via Skype. Best. T


Joachim Lohkamp Thu 10 Nov 2016 1:49PM

safe travels @thomasdonnebrink .. ping me when you arrived


Tony Bacigalupo Tue 15 Nov 2016 6:03PM

@simonecicero Hi there! I just joined the group and am sad to see I missed the deadline to host a jam. If it's at all possible, I can move swiftly to get one up and running here in the Denver, Colorado area either on November 30 or the following weekend December 3-4.

I've got 9+ years of experience as a coworking space owner, unconference organizer, host of various events, etc.

I'll fill out the Google Form application as well. Let me know if you think it's possible and would like to discuss; I'd love to be involved in any way I can.



Simone Cicero Wed 16 Nov 2016 9:28AM

Ciao @tonybacigalupo1 I've seen your application, I'll followup from there, no problem for your late application