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Meeting dates, agenda and minutes for steering and strategy groups

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Storage and notification to do with all meetings in steering group including strategy


Sally Long Thu 13 Aug 2020 4:18PM

Lots of requests on Facebook for the video. Could we get the YouTube login from Adam and maybe one of us could upload and speed up the process.


Emma Knaggs Thu 13 Aug 2020 3:31PM

Yes, I'm afraid I'm sitting on a few videos that I need to send to Adam for him to upload to YouTube. I'll send them through ASAP


Ian Bartle Thu 13 Aug 2020 2:52PM

OK fine - yes good to have an evening off! One key thing that needs doing ASAP is putting up the Michael Dougan video. It obviously generated a lot of interest and with the video up we'll get more visitors to the site. I can put it up on the website when it's on YouTube. But I don't know how to put up on YouTube and haven't got login. If anyone can help with the latter (or tell me how to do it) that would be good.


Ruth Malloy Wed 12 Aug 2020 2:25PM

That's fine by me, Emma.


Emma Knaggs Wed 12 Aug 2020 10:16AM

Would anybody mind if we skipped the Steering meeting this week? I'll have hosted a few big Zooms this week and I'd quite like an evening off 😆 The next one would be 27th August, so still before the next Pulse. I don't think there's anything too pressing to be discussed.


Olivia Leydenfrost Thu 30 Jul 2020 1:59PM

Hi Emma,

I’m sorry but I’m not going to make this evening’s meeting. Have loads of work to finish off before taking next week off for a staycation.

Hope you’re fine!
Livy x


Emma Knaggs Thu 30 Jul 2020 12:43PM

Hi all, look forward to seeing you for Steering this evening. The recurring Zoom meeting link has expired, so I've created a new one. Here's the link, which will be valid until 31st December: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86707799722


Alice Hovanessian Thu 2 Jul 2020 4:41PM

I am assuming we have our meeting at 6pm, in case anyone forgot! It should be the same link as before - for convenience I think it is: https://zoom.us/j/92960538745


Olivia Leydenfrost Thu 4 Jun 2020 5:02PM

I am going to be late...if I make it at all. Apologies.

I would like to update the Welcome page of the website to reflect the situation in the US. Thoughts on this?


Maggie Turner Thu 4 Jun 2020 4:46PM

Will check in...

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