Sun 9 Dec 2018 8:10PM

Prime Produce Signage

MJ michelle jackson Public Seen by 6

There is a Coffeed sign on the door to the cafe and not any signage indicating that the 424 building Prime Produce. Jerone at one point, mentioned the idea of hanging a Prime Produce flag outside of the building. Should we do that or put signage on the Prime Produce doors?

Today (Sunday), I noticed that even people that have been to the space a few times before were opting for the Coffeed door and skipping the Prime Produce door.


Chris Fri 14 Dec 2018 8:09PM

My vote = invest in a prime produce flag or a decal for doors.

424 door = prime produce decal with a blank space to draw in whatever event is being hosted at that time: prime produce co-op x _________________

Edit to COFFEED sign = COFFEED @ prime produce co-op decal.


Rosalind Zavras Wed 2 Jan 2019 3:43PM

I agree with Chris's suggestions