Mon 11 Dec 2023 10:40PM

Board meeting 2023-12-08

JB John Bryant Public Seen by 9

Hi all, I'm attaching the minutes from last week's board meeting for approval.

(I'm just figuring out Loomio here but I think the next step is to create a poll)


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by John Bryant Sat 16 Dec 2023 6:19AM

Minutes approved, I'll post them to the mailing list and wiki. Thanks Ewen for the constructive suggestions.

Please review the attached meeting minutes. Do you approve these as a record of the meeting?

Choose the option(s) you favor.


Results Option % of points Voters
Yes 87.5% 7 AL JB JS EP R RM DP
More discussion required 12.5% 1 EH
No 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 1 AC

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Elisa Puccioni Mon 11 Dec 2023 10:42PM


thanks John for doing it!!!


Ewen Hill Mon 11 Dec 2023 10:42PM

More discussion required

Do we need our nationalities as it can be complicated for some and not that relevant to decision making hopefully. Is it easier to make the times in AEST as standard? I raised a vote of thanks to the outgoing chair and would request that to be noted, if possible, please?


John Bryant Tue 12 Dec 2023 8:15AM

@Ewen Hill I agree re nationalities and thanks to outgoing chair, I doubt it's at all controversial. Maybe for times we can add multiple time zones for meeting times. I will make these changes before finalising.


John Bryant Tue 12 Dec 2023 12:51PM

@Ewen Hill I've updated the minutes with those suggestions, thanks :)


Jonah Sullivan Thu 14 Dec 2023 12:18AM

I put the email addresses and country of residence in there for our own information - probably should have been an email instead of in the public document.