Sun 29 Nov 2020 11:24AM

event: meet.coop and cooperation between cooperatives

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On Wednesday 2nd December at 1700 UTC there’s a one hour call with Benedict Lau from https://hypha.coop and Oli Sylvester-Bradley from https://open.coop where the talk is about the https://meet.coop video-conferencing service - the co-op alternative to Zoom etc., and we’re also talking about wider issues around cooperation amongst cooperatives.

meet.coop is a collaborative effort involving a number of tech focussed worker cooperatives from around the world. It’s a great project - if you’re not using it yet now’s a great time to sign up as a user-member of this platform cooperative.

The call is hosted by Digital Life Collective, itself a cooperative organisation focussing on sociotechnical issues around the greatest challenge of our times - the need for global cooperation at scale - with the survival of our biosphere at stake. More at https://diglife.com where you can also sign up as a member of the Collective.

To register for the call - it’s free to participate - and open to all, go here:

I’ve been lucky to have been involved a little with the meet.coop project in recent months and have been really impressed with what’s been going on there, and their ambition to grow this into a substantial cooperative enterprise. Platform 6 is about to start a piece of work with meet.coop in support of the business development and governance.

This looks to be a really interesting discussion, not to be missed.

The Digital Life Collective has recently re-launched their regular series of online talks under the First Wednesday banner. This one about meet.coop follows last month’s talk about data trusts and data commoning, and October’s call about the Matrix/Element decentralised messaging tool. We’re keen to host more talks that are aligned with our mission, and bring more people together. More about the Digital Life Collective and how to get involved at https://diglife.com