Thu 2 Feb 2023 3:08PM

Any interest in a Mycology Group Project at BwoB?

EJ Ellen Jorgensen Public Seen by 66

There is a healthy mycology community in NYC, and when BwoB was at 33 Flatbush we had a mycology group that met regularly for lively discussion and project proposals. I would love to restart that group, perhaps meeting every week or every other week at a set time (evenings seem to be best). Any interest?


Jacob Rast Thu 2 Feb 2023 3:21PM

The Odin (not affiliated) has some nice Mycology kits (https://www.the-odin.com/mycology-101-kit-grow-mushrooms-easily-with-free-classes/) that look interesting, do you have something similar in mind?

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Zay Thu 2 Feb 2023 3:25PM

Not in NYC, but i'd love to be a part if there is virtual attendance capacity :)


Anthony Thu 2 Feb 2023 9:33PM

I doubt I'd be able to regularly come to physical meetings but I am interested and may have some materials to donate to BWOB


Thierry Andrianambinina Fri 3 Feb 2023 12:57AM

Would to participate but unfortunately not in NYC


david coello Fri 3 Feb 2023 4:26AM

I'm interested can you share more info please


Ellen Jorgensen Fri 3 Feb 2023 1:29PM

@Anthony thanks for your offer! Please email me at [email protected] and we can chat.

@david coello this would be an informal group using the classroom part of the space for socializing and discussion on a designated schedule. The details have not yet been worked out, this thread is to gather opinions, test interest and hear everyone's ideas. I am planning to get the paying members' permission because it could potentially (depending on how large the group becomes) make work in the lab problematic during our meetings.

BwoB has a policy that only paying lab members can use the wetlab (partly for safety and liability reasons) but in my experience there will be several lab members in the group and attendees who will have expertise to share, and we could potentially create a membership tier at a lower price for folks whose only wetlab participation was this event. It would be up for discussion.


Danny Thu 16 Mar 2023 7:50PM

FYI for those who cannot see new member requests @William Lockett expressed in his reason for joining the Loomio group that he is working to set up mycology capability in the Woodbine basement. So I think he may be interested in this group


spencer zeke depas Thu 3 Aug 2023 1:02PM

Hi Guys,

I have several mycology events in the pipeline and I hope everyone here can be a part of that.

Is anyone attending https://www.themyceliumunderground.com/nmms ? If you are I would love to meet you there.



Danny Fri 8 Sep 2023 1:36PM

@Craig Trester just tagging you in this thread because it seems relevant to some of what you were saying at the Q3 members meeting. Perhaps running a process in this thread around best dates could be a way to get started? Always happy to advise how to engage people via Loomio

Also for anyone else in this thread reading the context. Based on the discussion at that meeting I don't think Ellen is the one who has capacity to run these meetings but she might attend once and while