2023 May guild Wide Meeting Recap

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hi Guild mates, 

Thank you for a wonderful meeting, everyone. Please see the meeting for recap. 

*** VERY Important ***

Mandatory Meetings & bylaw updates

For those of you who weren't able to make it, we did go over this, but we are being more intentional about holding people accountable for attending guild wide meetings to grow as a resilient organization. This cooperative is a living organization and we are collective owners of this living organization. We get to cocreate this.  

As per our bylaw, there are two mandatory meetings a year. (Spring/Fall) If you are unable to attend, you can also send a proxy, who is also a member. And please review this on loomio and stay tuned for a  read through meeting as it is a very complex piece of writing. 

May Meeting recap 

5/3 Wed 5:30pm EST 

Facilitator: Jerone

Secretary: Dave & Yuko 

Detailed Meeting Agenda: Doc

Action items! 

1) Week of Mending this week!  

List & Agenda

- please check in with Dave for any tasks that interests you. And think of this as an opportunity to learn more about facility and toolbox tasks. :) 

2) Open House is coming up on 5/12 

- Quick Flyer making session is Thursday at 1:30pm (zroom.primeproduce.coop or in person)  & flyers will be posted up places. 

- Please invite people to the session!  [Eventbrite

3) Newsletter Submission 

Please send a short blurb about you, your project (250 words or less) and photo by Friday 5/5 5pm so that we can make sure that all the info goes out leading up to the open house! 

Thank you everyone and if you have any questions about this, please reach out to board [email protected]

Love and light