Wed 5 Apr 2017 3:34PM

Balanced Elimination Voting

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Balanced Elimination Voting -- an attempt to keep the best characteristic of Approval Voting while still appealing to advocates of Instant Runoff Voting.


I already mentioned this at in the RCV Oregon forum, but was told that this is the place for this sort of post.

Disclaimer: I live in Virginia.

William WAUGH


William WAUGH Thu 26 Oct 2017 2:21PM

My latest version of Balance Elimination Voting is http://wp.me/p23U97-fs . Does it give better power relations than SRV? Equally good? Worse? As a voter, can you think of a situation of candidates and your stances toward them, where one or the other voting system would prevent you from exercising the power you should have in expressing your stances?