Sun 18 Aug 2013 2:14AM

What is the bare minimum of money needed per person to start this thing?

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 17

Which suggest that the bare minimum to start would be just buying land, but is it? If the land didn't have water, we would have to haul up water or pitch in to drill a new well. Maybe the question should be what is the minimum acreage per person we should get? May be able to just make a large down payment and set up some kind of financing.


Blaine Smith Sun 18 Aug 2013 4:20AM

I think making it so people have to pay to get in is not such a good idea, it will make people think that it could be a scam, but more importantly there could be someone who would be very useful but they can not afford to pay the initial fee (if that's what you mean, I might have miss understood). The acreage per person question would be better to ask. I think that it wouldn't need to be to big, because today most homes a on small plots of land, and as an individual you don't need a whole lot of space to live comfortably. I think most of the land will be communal based, things like farming, work shops, schools, etc. I think we could find some relatively cheap land somewhere, and do the down payment thing you mentioned, it shouldn't be difficult as a group to pay off.