Wed 28 Mar 2018 1:27PM

Suggested meeting locations

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We need somewhere to meet which is ideally:

  • free (or at least, cheap) to use
  • large enough for the group (currently under 10 people)
  • not too noisy
  • fairly easy to get to
  • would permit showing of films on a projector or largish screen

Suggestions and comments solicited! Please check off the criteria they fulfill.

At the time of writing I'm only asking about places in Edinburgh. Later, if there are meetings in other cities like Glasgow, the same or similar criteria will apply.


Nick S Tue 17 Apr 2018 5:16PM

The Forest Cafe

I dropped into the Forest Cafe, just to see what options they have. Their current location at junction of Lauriston Place and Brougham Street in Tollcross is pretty small, not a patch on their old one, but they actually do have space for meetings in their basement.

- Apparently free to use
- Space for a dozen people or so
- Probably would be able to project on the walls, given a projector
- Not part of the main room, so may be quiet
- Relatively central

- Very bare, concrete floor and walls, chairs need to be carried down from upstairs (assuming they are not being sat on!)
- The venue's only toilet is located in the basement, so I expect there will be a steady stream of visitors going by
- Fairly informal booking system, by the looks of it


Nick S Tue 24 Apr 2018 9:32PM

I checked the basement again today:
- It has electricity (and a plug)
- There were stackable chairs today (maybe not always)


Nick S Tue 17 Apr 2018 5:22PM

CBC House

I enquired at CBC House, where my place of work is located.

- Central, located in Haymarket on the junction of Torphichen St/Canning Street
- Entirely quiet, no adjoining bar or venue
- LCD screen available in meeting room
- As a keyholder, I would be able to open up

- Costs £12/hour for the interview room (~4 people) £30/hour for the meeting room (12+ people, LCD screen). (excl VAT)
- May be difficult for late people to get access, relies on a keyholder


Penny Travlou Tue 17 Apr 2018 5:22PM

Yes lets meet @Forest Cafe which is a social space after all.


Nick S Wed 18 Apr 2018 9:57AM

Royal Dick Pub

Another option (not to rule out anything :) ) is the front room at The Royal Dick, in Summerhall (with the bay window), which I know about via the local Positive Money meet-up.

- Can be free to use (if you ask brazenly - although I think the official policy is to charge a fee)
- Separated from the bar with a door
- Seats about 10 people
- Relatively central, opposite the southeast corner of the Meadows

- No real facilities for multimedia (unless you bring your own screen)
- It's still a fairly noisy because the bar is so loud, and the door blows open constantly.


Nick S Thu 10 May 2018 10:06PM

The Shrub Coop shop

I managed to drop by the Shrub Coop last Wednesday, ostensibly a second hand store but one run as a co-operative with an eye to reducing landfill. Also has a bike repair and food sharing arm.

Apparently members can book the space for meetings. As it happens I am a member. I think there's a spreadsheet you need to create an entry in, I've yet to find the details.

I gather they're going to open a new branch, but they are as yet unsure where.

- Fairly central, located on Guthrie Street, between the Chambers Street (National Museum of Scotland) and Cowgate.
- Entirely quiet, no adjoining bar or venue
- Swapshop back room: has sofas and chairs and can hold 10-15 people relatively comfortably
- Front room of 17 Guthrie Street: holds up to about 10 people, currently unfurnished, expected to be furnished by ~August 2018
- Free (I think)
- Unattended access using keybox after initial briefing
- Run by people who are pretty much aligned with P2PF ideas

- No projector or screen I know of (although there will be sockets)