Wisdom council conscensus - digital online experiment.

AP Antony Pond Public Seen by 7

As an experiment to digitalize ancient wisdom - I would like you all to experiment with a consensus voting circle in this chat following the elders and indigenous wisdom council rule. 

Since we are virtual, the 1st circle order doesn't matter -

Then we will organize a zoom meeting for subsequent circles - it will be faster - and we can probably go through a dozen circles in a hour if we are 10 or less.

I will go through the consensus wisdom circle rules very quickly: They are simple but must be respected for the consensus to work.

-  If you have no time for it, or are not really concerned by the subject/outcome when it is your turn to express your mind, you say: "I decided to exit the wisdom circle". Then you won't be able to re-enter the circle later on for this specific subject - even if you change your mind. You acknowledge that you don't care about the outcome.
- If you have no time, but you are concerned about the vote - then make up the time for the vote and cancel your other plans.

- You can talk once per circle. After you talked (or write), and expressed your opinion, you must wait for everyone else to express their though before talking again ( next circle). You must hear (or read) everyone else though and opinions before expressing your own.
The first circle is this thread, the second circle will be online.