2022 October Guild Wide meeting notes

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Hi guild mates, 

Here's the recap from October's guildwide meeting

1) Detailed Agenda Doc - OPEN document

2) 10/5 Wed 5:30pm EST

Facilitator - Carlos

Secretary - Jerone & Dave 

Guest - Jimm 

3) Q4 is here. 

- Check the financial update from the Piggybank team in the doc. 

- Piggybank meeting is on Mondays at 6pm Zroom.PrimeProduce.coop 

- We have to submit a reply to MBA Consulting by the end of October. If you haven't, please answer this loomio post. 

- Events

- Revenue Share, Client management review 

- Political / Religious events hosting: Moving forward, if you are willing to host these events, please we should share community agreements

- Event team meeting is on Wednesdays at 6pm Zroom.primeproduce.coop

4) Upcoming Guild Activities & Events 

- 10/7 Grow Fundraiser 

- 10/9 3pm - Retrospective/Visioning pt 2 

- 10/9-15 Week of Basement care - Talk to Jerone/Dave for more detail. 

- 10/16 Neighborhood Noodle Night at 7pm 

- 10/28 Halloween Party 

Thank you all and have an amazing day! 

Love and light