The joined up approach to Open Government Data

CF Cam Findlay Public Seen by 21

As those of you that attended the teleconference last week (15 Sept) and the workshops in Wellington (21st Sept) found out, three core agencies with Open Data initiatives (LINZ, Statistics, DIA) are working closely together for a joined up approach to open government data.

This is to better pool resources and avoid duplication of efforts (something that has been raised here on the Loomio group as a concern).

There were some good comments and questions around this at the teleconference and workshop.

This thread is a continuation of that discussion, let us know your thoughts around this approach. Would having support from a more consolidated approach to open data in New Zealand Government help you progress your organisation’s open data journey? What does the machinery or system of Open Data in the New Zealand Government look like in the future?


aimee whitcroft Thu 29 Sep 2016 11:19PM

What does a more consolidated approach mean, functionally? Are we talking infrastructure, processes, standards, approach/philosophy, or all of the above?