Wed 18 Nov 2020 6:48PM

Installing Loomio on different Linux distributions - Why Ubuntu?

G Giuseppe Public Seen by 34

Hey - I just was wondering why in the github loomio install instruction it is mentioned in the requirements, that a recent Ubuntu server is needed. Does it has to be ubuntu? Or with other words: Is it not possible to run it on debian?

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Giuseppe Sun 6 Dec 2020 6:27PM

Hm - No answers here so far. I try again.
Would it be possible to install loomio on a debian OS and not ubuntu?


Robert Guthrie Sun 6 Dec 2020 7:47PM

Thanks for the reminder @Giuseppe.

There is nothing Ubuntu specific about Loomio.

I just made an opinionated install process for people who don't want to work out everything themselves.


Giuseppe Tue 8 Dec 2020 8:07AM

Okay :) Thanks!