Mon 18 Feb 2019 9:25PM

RewardDAO! How shall we evolve the Wall of Fame?

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The Milestone creation process has come a long way, baby!

So how does the RewardDAO and Wall of Fame grow along with it? This thread is to brainstorm and explore the options, then I'll put a proposal up when there's rough consensus.
Current State:
#1. Anyone can make their own milestone now and several contributors have become actively engaged in finding tasks to work on, getting the support they need to complete it, communicating what they have done, and are now making milestones not only directly to campaigns they support - 3 people also made their own RewardDAO milestones this month!
#2 The process still requires video creation at fame.giveth.io by recipient, and link entry into the spreadsheet by campaign manager to transfer the points and provide values for filling milestone data fields. This has to be done before the milestone can be created by anyone.

Future changes for consideration:
#3 So what to do with the Wall of Fame is the big question. Now that milestones can have videos in them, it could be viewed as the WoF has been rendered obsolete. If we did away with it we'd have to totally revamp the process, because right now the video triggers the autofill of information that goes in the milestone. Could be easy, just autofill them all, then have the milestone approval trigger the point distribution that prevents rollover. Might be good to get analytics on this page.. Even with the articles written about it, is anyone actually looking at the Wall of Fame??
#4 They can run concurrently for a few months, with point recipients continuing to post a video to the WoF, then the RewardDAO Campaign manager (yours truly) proposing their milestones for them; while those who wish to do it themselves can choose that alternative. In the meantime we can implement a bunch of automation features in PointsBot and whatnot that reduce friction in the process and make it easier for recipients to collect on their points.
#5 An ideal scenario would be for videos posted to milestones in the RewardDAO campaign to autoload up to the Wall of Fame, maybe get some blog posts, podcasts etc. rolling about the people of Giveth and how we role that encourage more participatory contributors to come play with us.
#6 Any change we select will mean revamping the Pointsbot and correspondent Point Spreadsheet procedures so it autofills a milestone then upon acceptance, the points get transferred out so they don't roll over.

Alright I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these points, and to see what other things come up for discussion :) Thanks for playing!


Vojtěch Šimetka Mon 18 Feb 2019 9:35PM

Just a quick note for #3. It would be very simple to change the sheet to always create the milestone text if no video link is required (and the video is embedded in the milestone). It really just means erasing one condition, if anything it makes it simpler.


Kris is Tue 19 Feb 2019 9:55PM

I'm not sure what to say here.. I think the WOF is a great way to give a face to our community, and expressing through video what you did is one of the ways I always heard was a good way to deliver proof of what you did. What I get out of the above is that video can now be integrated in the Milestones, okay. So I don't really know what this means. If the point is that they can upload it directly into the Milestone, then cool, they won't need the wall of fame. If the source of the video remains the wall of Fame, I guess nothing has to change. But I might be missing the point here entirely. Sidenote on automation (when I read 'revamping the Pointsbot and correspondent Point Spreadsheet procedures so it autofills a milestone then upon acceptance, the points get transferred out so they don't roll over') -> I would push on people making their own RewardDAO Milestones for sure, which is prob the biggest chunk of the work. Automating the rest of the process.. I think this will be a lot of nitty gritty development with not a high 'return on investment' and a big risk on having to fix the process continuously which means again more development. Which is not our core mission. A good example is the WOF itself that already cost quite some money and that we are now probably abandoning..


Dani Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:15PM

agreeing that it's a great way to give a face .. just wondering if anyone actually looks at it, compared to the amount of work going into getting people to put up the videos and degree of issues that occur, success rate on video posts is dismal.

Pointsbot and spreadsheet automation changes to support Milestone creation by recipients seem simple based on feedback from Frederik and Vojtech.

I'd love to really promote the Wall of Fame if we want to keep it. And I would advocate a change request to pull videos out of Milestones and feature them on the WoF in that case. I have zero knowledge on how much work that would be.


Dani Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:17PM

Suggesting we at minimum begin with some PointsBot automation to send a message to point recipients, Request #1 in this doc. Request #2 would be to email people when they make a video a link to the instructions for making their own milestone.


Dani Thu 28 Feb 2019 1:33PM

First step is being taken to automate a message from PointsBot to point recipients when they are dished with relevant links for creating their milestone. https://github.com/Giveth/giveth-bot/issues/51


Poll Created Thu 28 Feb 2019 1:41PM

RewardDAO point recipients make their own milestones Closed Wed 6 Mar 2019 1:01PM

Tension: RewardDAO Milestone workflow is still heavily manual and relies on one person (the Campaign Manager) tracking down Contributors, getting them to make their video, putting the link in the monthly spreadsheet and creating the Milestones, as well as shepherding each Milestone through the approval process to disbursement. The Contributor has no involvement or awareness other than communication initiated by the RewardDAO Campaign Manager, which is often only through Riot.

Opportunity: Reduce overhead for Campaign Manager, Increase likelihood of video production and Eth collection, incentivize use of the DApp by Contributors, and promote further engagement with Giveth in the community. Those who receive points can become Users of the DApp by learning to create their own Milestones and engaging in the testing, feedback and development.

Implementing this change will include the following:
1.) Automate messages to Point Recipients with links to Milestone Creation instructions (Contributors room on Riot, Contributor Guide in Wiki and RewardDAO Campaign)
2.) Update Contributor Guide in Wiki to include step by step instructions to create Milestone
3.) Modify the monthly spreadsheet so the text for each recipients milestone is available to them. Also explore how to automate sending them this information so they don't have to look in the spreadsheet.
4.) Create a Milestone in the RewardDAO Campaign to fund design/implementation of a solution to scrape videos from Milestones and display them on Wall of Fame.


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Thu 28 Feb 2019 2:03PM

Discussed in last weeks Community meeting that this is the way forward!


Josh Fairhead
Thu 28 Feb 2019 6:50PM

This looks good to me, you've been a masterful Dapp hearder Dani!


Dani Fri 22 Mar 2019 2:00PM

Just to track further the changes, I'm updating comments in this Points-bot issue: https://github.com/Giveth/giveth-bot/issues/53

We're deploying a second message that is basically a reminder that the month is ending and the recipient needs to make their milestone and include a video. It does have a link that auto-creates a Milestone. It does NOT autofill the text or amount because we aren't connecting the PointsBot to the monthly scoring sheet, only the RewardDAO Now! spreadsheet.