Thu 29 Jun 2017 3:32PM

Should we use this?

JS Jon Schull Public Seen by 359

Poll Created Thu 29 Jun 2017 3:34PM

I propose this be used as "the forum" for e-NABLEros Closed Sun 2 Jul 2017 3:02PM

More information (and another decision) here https://www.loomio.org/d/nlkxB7yc/let-s-use-loomio-to-coordinate-


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Jon Schull
Sat 1 Jul 2017 3:18PM

It would be great if this could iframed into our web page. But even if not, I'm for it!


Everton Lins Tue 11 Jul 2017 4:46PM

It can help on specific topics like laws, regulations and processes from LATAM region that may differ from EMEA and NAFTA, like importation laws for example.