Thu 23 Oct 2014 4:12AM

Christmas Tourney Afterparty

W Wes Public Seen by 55

I have been discussing with my boss at Foresteres Hall in Collingwood to host the After Party for Christmas tourney at the upstairs bar.

I want to make sure there are now issues with this, I mean im quite biased(Im of age, I drink, I party).

They may be able to cut us a deal to open the bar for us exclusively if we have the numbers. What do you think, yay, or nay?


Damon Rao Tue 28 Oct 2014 12:39AM

Oh, so I just created this proposal within this discussion topic. Sorry I'm just getting used to this.


Wes Thu 6 Nov 2014 12:43AM

I am in contact with Foresters and Brother Burger regarding this. I would prefer Foresters, BUT, brother burger is interested inn sponsoring us so i will use this as a card in my deck.


Damon Rao Thu 6 Nov 2014 1:12AM

Great news wes! Brother burger would be great as we have been there for a post polo burger many a time!