Participatory Toolkit for ECA

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Since the discussion on the toolkit for ECA pops up in various threads I thought it is good to start a dedicated thread. The current "official" toolkit is here http://europeancommonsassembly.eu/how-to-participate/ It would be great if members that have been around for a longer time could link to pads, threads etc. where similar discussions are documented. Important question are: How can we make Loomio more functional? What other tools are needed? How to keep people engaged for a longer time?


Oliver Kalleinen Wed 11 Oct 2017 12:29PM

My first two suggestions: (a) each of the ECA Madrid work-groups becomes an own Loomio sub-group (b) joining any of the subgroups in Loomio doesn't require admin approval - if that's possible.
and 1 question:
Who is the main admin of Loomio ECA workspace? Who can we directly address if we have admin related questions about Loomio? Thanks!


Nicole Leonard Wed 11 Oct 2017 1:31PM

Hi @oliverkalleinen I am the ECA coordinator and I do a bit of everything, including loomio moderation. Thanks a lot for all your recent input - it's really really nice to have others thinking about these questions, that I think about quite a lot too. Unfortunately time restrictions mean I do a lot of thinking about them and not enough sorting them out - I also think I don't have the legitimacy to suddenly decide a whole bunch of technological changes for ECA, even though I do agree that the tools are not ideal today. There was a process started recently to think about these bigger questions of Governance so over the next few months we should hopefully start to sort all these out, build up some toolkits, etc. etc. Right now though, I'm too busy dealing with immediate needs of ECA Madrid to address these. I also think the best place for this thread is in the ECA Governance Subgroup of loomio, so please allow me to file it there....


Oliver Kalleinen Wed 11 Oct 2017 4:32PM

Yes, I think this is the right sub-group for this thread, but I also noticed that this subgroup has only few members, that's why I posted in the main group. I'm of cause aware that you have now lots of other urgent questions to solve, having organized some big conferences myself... I hope the ECA in Madrid will also help clarifying some of those toolkit and social architecture questions.


Oliver Kalleinen Sun 15 Oct 2017 3:54AM

There was some discussion if Discourse is perhaps a more relevant tool than Loomio for ECA. Also some people advocated for github related tools which are very good in terms of collaboration, but have perhaps a high entry barrier. My point of view is that the best platform is the one that engages most people on a continuous base. Looking at the discussion here at Loomio; it has a certain sporadic nature, which is problematic for a truly decentralized, democratic organisation that ECA aspires too. I hope the issue is addressed in Madrid.


Oliver Kalleinen Mon 27 Nov 2017 3:04PM

Just wondering if there are ideas and suggestions how to improve the ECA loomio experience? Perhaps some sort of guidelines how the work groups are organised here in Loomio etc.