Fri 6 Oct 2017 4:30AM

A Clean Meat investment policy

TH Tane Harre Public Seen by 78

Clean Meat and associated products (yeast cultured milk, egg whites, plant based meat, etc..) are starting to reach maturation and enter the marketplace. Sunfed Meats and Impossible Foods are two simple examples of this.

I would propose that the Internet Party formulate a policy of research and investment.

This would (IMO) be supported by our current environmental Animal Welfare policy, help protect the country from disruption due to the farming industry becoming outdated and encourage tech.

Additionally it has the possibilities of decreasing land use, pollution, greenhouse gases and improving health in general.


Colin Smith Sun 8 Oct 2017 4:35AM

I am in total agreement with the above statement.

The question you are posing has far greater implications than it seems at first glance.

We also need to consider what NZ will do for foreign exchange with the loss of our primary industries.

Plus: what we are going to do with the farm laborers, vets, stock truck drivers, abattoir workers, agricultural chemical workers (Importers, sales, applicators), rural communities that rely on the above for their incomes, etc when farming is no longer viable source of foreign income.

Yes this possibly will take 10 to 20 years to come to fruition but we must start to address a solution now!