Sat 18 Feb 2017 4:46PM

Setting Report Goals

YA Yara Al-Qadah Public Seen by 357

I have write some of the goals for our report i like to discuss with you and know your opinion and if you have another suggestion please tell me
1.increase the academic performance of the students
2.increase the ability of communication between students
3.increase knowledge exchange between people all over the world


tharwataraj Sat 18 Feb 2017 7:59PM

you are right , but i see that there is other things may affect on student if they are teaching using online courses:
1.giving students more responsibility for finding and evaluating information themselves, and instructors providing criteria and guidelines for finding, evaluating, analyzing and applying information within a specific knowledge domain.
2.Development specific IT skills ,students increasingly may need to know how to use IT tools that are specific to their subject area.
3.You can direct students to online sites, students themselves can collect data or provide real world examples of concepts or issues covered in the course, through the use of cameras in mobile phones, or audio interviews of local experts. You can set up a course wiki that both you and the students contribute to, and make it open to other professors and students to contribute, depending on the topic.
4.Developing learning skills Because of the nature of the Internet, online learning lends itself to learning how to manage knowledge and enable students to continue to ‘manage knowledge’ long after they have graduated.
5.Students need to be able to communicate in a variety of Traditional methods. Writing and speaking skills remain critical, but increasingly the ability to communicate through modern media such as social media, YouTube and wikis are particularly important in areas such as business, health and education.