Thu 6 Jan 2022 7:36PM

2022 January Guild Wide Meeting

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Hi guild mates, 

Thank you for joining the guild wide meeting last night. And those who weren't able to make it, we missed you. I hope you are starting out this 2022 like a rockstar. Here is high-level recap from the meeting. 

01-05-2022 Monthly Guild Wide Meeting 

Agenda Doc 

Facilitator - Yuko 

Secretary - Dave 

Welcome new residents - Stephen &  Carlos 


  • NO PUBLIC FACING EVENTS till further notice. 

  • - Mask is required in the building. 

  • - Jerone will post a Loomio poll about Occupancy Cap. 

Upcoming - All meetings will be held at Zroom.PrimeProduce.coop unless it's noted otherwise.

  • - PiggyBank Meetings are on Mondays at 1pm EST (Summary of financial proposal Loomio discussion) 

  • - STaTS HQ Office Hours are on Tuesdays at 3pm EST

  • - Membership Structure Discussion & working group will be on Tuesday 1/11 10:30am EST

  • - Day of Care - 1/26/22 at the Guild Hall. Focus on Collaboratory. 

  • - Max offered to host a grant writing workshop after the return from Hawaii. Thank you Max! 

  • - Newsletter & Social Media submission due 1/8 5pm EST. If you want any updates/project that you want to promote, please submit a photo/short blurb/link to [email protected]

** For everyone's upcoming projects and visions, please see the agenda doc and let's collaborate. 

Please be on the lookout for loomio discussion/poll. If you have any questions about loomio, please reach out to Board members at [email protected] 

Thank you all in advance and please stay safe. 

love and light