Thu 14 Jan 2021 9:41AM

Wanna help to change the world? Searching MSG-Enthusiasts, Host, Facilitators, Community Builders, etc.

HH Hansi Herzog Public Seen by 110

Hey everybody!
I am Hansi Herzog, 32 years-old from Austria!

Since over 10 years I am moving in the fields of community, self-organization, networking and collaboration for sustainable development. I have been part of many different peer-group settings and just recently came across Richards work regarding Micro-Solidarity-Groups (MSG).

After a chat with Richard and getting to know Anna-Marie I finally landed in the loomio group to connect with you as the MSG-Community! Great to be here :)

On the 01.01.2021 my organization CoCreate launched the campaign "Global Co-Creation Challenge", aiming to unite the world community to co-create a "good life for all". Based on our Ecosystem-Model we follow a strategic process to connect the "Global Solutions Ecosystem".
If you would to be part of an amazing adventure, check out: https://www.globalcocreationchallenge.net/

So I am here to learn more about MSG but also to ask for your support!
For driving the "Global Co-Creation Challenge" we are in the process of setting up MSGs as well as specific CoCreate-Workinggroups. And we need your support as MSG-Enthusiasts, Host, Facilitators, Community Builders, etc.!!! There are many people out there longing for hope through deeper connection
and we need people like you, able to holding space for them and empower them to holding space for their own communities!

So please, get in contact with me and let's find ways how you can support Me and CoCreate to make a huge impact in realizing a "good life for all"!
hansi.herzog@cocreate.network | facebook.com/hansi.herzog.7/


Alex Barnes Sat 4 Dec 2021 2:15PM

Hi Hansi, if you use LinkedIn, let's connect there -- https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-barnes-toronto/

There are some folks with Regeneration Pollination -- https://www.regenerationpollination.earth/ -- working on similar issues/approaches. You might find some co-collaborators there!