Tue 1 Aug 2017 10:29AM

Strap line/mission statement

SC Simon Carter Public Seen by 83

What would be a good strap line or mission statement for a town council that wished to embrace all things commons transition?. I'm after something short but with impact, not cliched, to go on letter heads/notice boards etc. The wider goal is to make my little town embrace that which is summed up in a simple statement.


John Ingleby Tue 1 Aug 2017 10:45AM

The Transition Town movement is getting a lot of positive mentions. It is spreading rapidly, and the name nicely sums up the focus on local communities. I would like to see our roadside "Welcome" signs say "Kings Langley, a Transition Town"


Michel Bauwens Tue 1 Aug 2017 3:59PM

how long can it be (characters , words ?)


Simon Carter Tue 1 Aug 2017 4:08PM

I guess the answer to that is as short as possible, but as long as necessary, Meanwhile, what do you think of my website? www.just.coop It's premature asking really as it's still a work in progress, August should see some major developments, but there's enough to look at & I'm dying to ask you your initial thoughts. Scout around. You feature heavily.


Graham Thu 3 Aug 2017 9:19AM

I took a look at your draft website. Looks interesting, but i don't understand from the front page what the pitch is. I can see that you are raising funds, but I'm not clear what for.


Simon Carter Thu 3 Aug 2017 9:41AM

It's only 80% there in terms of the first stage, when I will start to promote it widely. Our web developer is currently working on our first income stream element, which will be a local business listing with associated marketing opportunities. We will add & add & add from there, all things that people buy on-line (& off). but with one major difference. We will use all surplus profit to 'buy back the commons'. It's basically using capitalism against itself. Meanwhile a network of coop workers will be in every community educating people about this space between State & Markets. Our bespoke social media component is central, Please join. This bit like everything else is still under development but advanced enough for you to get more of an idea. I'm just stating to expose it where I might get constructive feedback such as here.


Michel Bauwens Wed 2 Aug 2017 5:12AM

thanks, I will have a look!


Michel Bauwens Wed 2 Aug 2017 5:15AM

'Together, we know everything; together, we can do everything"

(at the p2pfoundation we say 'together we have everything' but that scares some people )


Simon Carter Wed 2 Aug 2017 6:32AM

That's very good, & very close. . . . may even be it..Definitely encapsulates the spirit of commons transition. Just my own immediate thought, , , ,, Together we nourish everything; together we can 'achieve' anything. The structure is good, just need to consider the best two adjectives.


Michel Bauwens Wed 2 Aug 2017 9:07AM



Simon Carter Sat 5 Aug 2017 1:20PM

I learnt a new word today . . . 'Communitas' .. . . . Not sure I could get a more succinct one word strap line to sum up commons transition.

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