Thu 2 Jun 2022 5:55PM

June 6th SG Meeting Agenda

F Finn Public Seen by 13

Hi all,

I thought it would be good to gather points for the meeting agenda.

Please add any below:

. Loveland Produce Update - Veg, localiser, road side stall, Shit! - (Finn)

. Welcome Jaye - starting an education sub-group

. Funding opportunities (Toots?)

. Submitting an extended tenancy to Savills - how long do we want? Savills have said 25-30 can happen. (Ste/Fran?)

. Working basis for collaborating with the council/DWP on their agriculture skills agenda (Ste/Fran?)

. Masterplan consultation at the feast - revising the original 'vision document' to align it with a 25 year tenancy (Ste/Fran?)

. Rural Arts space (Toots)



Tallulah Thu 2 Jun 2022 8:43PM

Hi Finn, thanks for writing up!

Points I have to add for the agenda are:

  • Cornwall Climate Films Loveland participation

  • June/July events and dates update so that I can get the newsletter up to date.

  • Penryn Green spaces Facebook page- a space to share Loveland to a wider audience, events and opportunities

  • Have exchanged a couple emails with Richard Hopper from St Gluvias committee and he’s keen to arrange a meeting between Loveland and committee to touch base and reconnect, so can we talk about when a good time to do this would be