Wed 30 Mar 2022 1:55PM

Increasing engagement in voting at members meetings

JA John Atherton Public Seen by 94

One of our worker co-op members is looking for solutions for engaging members in decision making/votes prior to their AGM:

  • Do any of your co-ops allow for members to pre-vote online in some recorded way in advance of the members meetings and for those votes to be counted?

  • If so, what tool do you use to do this, Loomio is an obvious one but sadly not free anymore, what do you use, what works well


Graham Thu 31 Mar 2022 9:40AM

In a worker co-op it feels like voting is the last thing they need to be thinking about in terms of member engagement in decision-making.


Dan Holden Thu 31 Mar 2022 10:06AM

Hi John, this is something Unicorn has given a bit of thought to over the last two years. We did try using Loomio years ago but it was a bit less developed than it is now, and people still found it a bit confusing. We've been using Google Forms to gather comments and votes (consensus positions in our case), and embedding the results in a members-only intranet site. Requires Google Workspace to do it, I'd be happy to show them how. TBH I'd prefer to use Loomio (less work for me!) but there is the additional cost and anything tat requires signing up to an additional service winds up excluding some.

We've also had shared 'Q&A' docs that people can write questions (and answers) on in the run up to the meeting regarding any proposals or other agenda items