Mon 29 Jan 2018 9:43PM

Britain for Europe

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Notes from meetings and other information from Britain for Europe


Claire Thomas Mon 29 Jan 2018 9:44PM

Notes from teleconference meeting on Sunday 28 Jan


Ruth Malloy Mon 29 Jan 2018 10:49PM

Exciting stuff! Thanks for reporting back, Claire.


Claire Thomas Mon 5 Feb 2018 9:34PM

Some more notes from a further teleconference yesterday Sun 4 Feb. Hopefully clears up some confusion over the GCG announcement.


Claire Thomas Wed 21 Feb 2018 7:18PM

I'm adding Alan's notes here of the teleconf with Chuka Umuna 12 Feb - he has already posted them on a separate thread.


Claire Thomas Wed 21 Feb 2018 7:21PM

I am attending the next Britain for Europe meeting this Saturday 24 Feb in Bristol. If you have any particular questions/issues you would like me to ask then post them here. I will do my best to raise them, however the agenda was quite full last time and there was not much time for AOB.


Claire Thomas Fri 23 Feb 2018 9:22PM

Just to keep you all up to date, the voting for the Chair and Vice chairs is going to start on Sunday 25 March, a bit later than planned. I am going to try to work something out on Loomio so we can as a group exercise our votes.


Claire Thomas Sun 25 Feb 2018 10:12PM

Notes from meeting on Saturday 25 Feb. Very positive. Sub-groups please note your actions.


Sally Long Mon 26 Feb 2018 6:10PM

Thanks Claire


Claire Thomas Wed 28 Feb 2018 9:14PM

Just an update on the Britain for Europe Council Elections. There were no candidates who wished to run against Tom Brufatto, the current Chair, so we just have to vote for the Vice Chair. I have set up a decision on Loomio and put the candidate's details there too. Voting is optional, I may remind you but not chase you, and the poll closes on Monday at 11pm. This gives me time to sort out any issues eg a tie, before I have to cast our joint vote before 8pm Thursday 8th March. Any questions, please ask below.


Claire Thomas Sat 3 Mar 2018 1:52PM

No one as yet has cast their vote. Can I check everyone can find/see the vote on Loomio? It is under 'decisions'. I can see it when I log in. It's going to close at 11pm on Monday.

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