Thu 17 Oct 2019 9:45AM

What's next for Giveth?

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So the idea is to start a thread here on things on your mind, so that we can crowdsource some topics for our next community meeting that we'd like to have in the coming weeks, so that we can make the best use of everyone's time & make sure we don't miss any open points that need to be discussed.


Kris is Thu 17 Oct 2019 9:49AM

Topic proposals:
- What everyone is up to and what their plans are for the next weeks/months (check-in round)
- Future of the Giveth DApp
- Future of Giveth Communications (Medium, Riot, Twitter)
- Open Milestones payment
- Current status of the Commons Stack & next steps


Gustavo Segovia Thu 17 Oct 2019 1:58PM

One latent need of the Ethereum community is to have many and good developers, basing on that I do think it is a good idea to make use of the Giveth assets (DApp, house and network) to build up a Giveth Bootcamp.
Think about it, devs could be going to Barcelona and stay in the house for a limited period of time (let's say 2 weeks, but it could be actually a couple of months depending on the bootcamp settings), we invite high skilled trainers to come over and teach to-be devs.
All done with maximal transparency over the funds, the course shall not be free, students should pay for the course so we assure sustainability of the whole course (pay for teachers, their travel costs, the house and other expenditures) although we could go for potential partners (e.g. Ethereum Foundation, MakerDAO, Aragon...) asking for sponsorship so we can assign scholarships to people that really need it.
If a first tryal succed, we could also provide a job board so we can link talents we help to develop with the amazing initiatives out there in the Ethereum ecosystem we want to succeed.


Dani Thu 17 Oct 2019 7:21PM

From DevCon - everyone knows we need more Devs and there are a few initiatives that I think are ripe for collaborative cooperation.. https://pages.consensys.net/blockchain-developer-job-kit

I love your suggestion Gus!


Griff Green Tue 29 Oct 2019 5:37AM

Wizard Amigos is a pretty cool program too... could be some synergy there


Dani Thu 17 Oct 2019 7:18PM

OK First Response:
What am I up to?
Well, as some of you know I was asked to apply for an open position with LIndsay on the Event Management Team for Web3 Foundation, which I did, and they have extended to me an offer. As of today I have not yet accepted that offer, i countered ;) I'm still working in support of the Giveth DApp and Community, and had a great time in Japan at DevCon answering questions about both Giveth and The Commons Stack. Also I have been steadily maintaining my roles as Milestone Reviewer and Campaign Manager both on Dapp Development and on the DECENTRAL suite of Campaigns.

What do I think about the Future of the Giveth DApp?
My first thoughts go to our existing beta users, both inside and outside the Giveth core. Setting clear expectation on continuing usability, planned outages, support response time, plans for an Alpha release and any dependencies or 'Dapp Killing' factors that may be in the field, these things MUST be defined and communicated for healthy community management.
It was my understanding that Rafa accepted a role with Giveth to develop a plan to address these questions and requested a few weeks to put it together, and that it would involve the Tijuana team building to the plan once a budget is established and funding allocated (current strategy is for this to come from The Commons Stack, however once we have that plan and budget, alternative funding sources can also be sought). Halting further development other than keeping the current Beta version functional as of right now also makes a lot of sense to me. I'd prefer not to see it be sunsetted - what reasons would we have for doing that?

Future of Giveth Communications (Medium, Riot, Twitter)
The Dapp may be the Flagship but the community is what lives and breathes, and, reads. There are still stories to be told and the abovementioned items to be communicated. At a minimum, perhaps articles for The Commons Stack can be referenced and shared to the Giveth Medium to keep the community up-to-date, and Giveth retweeting of CS as well. Regarding Riot...... hmm. Well, I'm willing to keep checking it and answering things just not on a same day basis.

Open Milestones payment
Funds ARE coming in! We are getting those 3% kickbacks from existing users and a nice donation from Fair Data.. I personally would like to see the DApp stay up, and people still making Milestones, and responsible for more actively seeking donations. Maybe Giveth DAC and Campaigns only provide a portion of whats requested on existing Milestones, and Milestone Makers can publish their links and solicit their own donations to top it up, and promote the 3% to the DAC to keep maintenance happening.
Current status of the Commons Stack & next steps
It looks to me like Giveth features in the Stack, and as such needs to stay alive and relevant throughout the current Seed Round funding process.. it's a selling point, and has demonstrated itself as such evidenced by Fair Data Society winning big by showing how they use Giveth :)


Gustavo Segovia Thu 24 Oct 2019 11:59AM

when would be the next community meeting @krisd ?


Kris is Thu 24 Oct 2019 2:49PM

Next Wednesday the 30th at 5PM CET!


Josh Fairhead Thu 24 Oct 2019 6:03PM

Excellent update Dani, thanks for sharing the news. Re maintaining the dapp, it should have probably gone into second iteration a long time ago; I'd halt development there also as Andre is probably just playing whack-a-mole. We should start again and take what was learnt in the process.

Medium, twitter, riot: Medium should probably turn into Ghost, with content cross posted to Medium. Twitter should probably turn into Mastadon or Libpub etc. - something that holds open values - we can cross post from there anyway. I'd personally open up the streams to the community more rather than lock them down like they are currently.

As a community though, to me it feels like I arrived as the Schelling point was fizziling out. It's sad as the endeavour was well intended but I think we have a lot to learn about open space and "the commons" as soft dominance for instance is still dominance (therefore not common or shared). Communication should be nonviolent because words -especially in fixed language- tend to impose ignorance. We should be exceptionally careful with such weapons and note that silence is a much better friend than noise.

So what to do about the fragmented and sprawling social ties? My suggestion would be along the lines of stepping back, reaching out to everyone thats ever come through Riot and handing-off to a neutral party like Ethereum.world to see what an emergent community will get up to when left to its own devices (this is just an idea - requires further consideration!!).

Anyway, I'll be respectful of peoples attention and close here.




Dani Thu 24 Oct 2019 6:26PM

+23 for Akasha's Ethereum.world!


Loie Mon 28 Oct 2019 8:02AM

  • @griffgreen had a proposal for some Unicorn fund allocation - I imagine that will go on the agenda in this meeting if it hasn't been addressed already.
  • What happens with GivethxALibre if we get the grant from Unicef? (we are now in a later stage of elimination)
  • What Giveth roles will be needed if/when we get to the commons stack Iteration 2 build that includes the giveth DApp piece? Who do we expect to fill those - will people be able to pick up where they once were? Or would we be looking to make new hires?

Griff Green Tue 29 Oct 2019 6:20AM

If we have a Grant from Unicef, we should put it towards building 2.0 IMO, Max S. seems to be more interested in carrying the flag than Rafa right now, tho i hope both will help :-D


Kay Wed 30 Oct 2019 1:49PM

What everyone is up to and what their plans are for the next weeks/months (check-in round)

I am doing quite many things atm. Apart from being a very available dad - which basically is a full-time gig in itself, I dedicate the current time to small coding projects, so I get better at it. From an operational perspective, I keep an eye on our deployments and check the status of our servers regularly. I got more into DApp meeting on Mondays which, unfortunately, is still horribly timed for me.

- I went to ETHBerlin to represent Giveth and found many potential collaborators and opportunities.

- I am talking with humanitytoken who want to realize their closed economy project on Ethereum now and are highly interested in collaborating with Giveth as always.

- Spent two weeks in Liminal Village at a hackalong, developing concepts (many of which require something like non-whitelist Giveth).

- Built interspace.chat at hackalong - which is a fun way of using Jitsi - basically a "room selector" to reduce friction for remote collaboration.

- Somebody also piped a commercial film project my way when I needed it (end of September), so I am glad that was paying the bills.

I would love to know what's next in store for Giveth because our mission is not finished and would like to stay on. Staying engaged is kinda hard in the unsure situation at the moment and I am missing the drive and collaborative mood that we always had in the community.

Future of the Giveth DApp

We had a great talk with the DApp developers about this one. I am inclined to a different pespective than the outcome of the talk, which is to invest more resources (that we don't have) in backend and care about a new version of the DApp after building that backend - especially the API and database middleware seems to scream for a new design. In the end, I see Giveth becoming a modular thing that is more integrated into the rest of the Ethereum ecosystem, i.e. as a plugin for Aragon or ethereum.world.

Our biggest problem is that we, as an organization, historically had a hard time actually running the DApp. Be it readyness in onboarding of new campaigns (friction with whitelist, problems with campaigns), the whole T&C of using it (not being an entity that would protect individuals from liability, laying low), bugs in the current version and more.

I offered my help in attacking project management for some parts of the redesign and I am currently working on a plan to propose to the DAC. Would be great to get feedback, see who wants to fill a role and see who could fill an unfilled role.

Future of Giveth Communications (Medium, Riot, Twitter)

As long as there is nothing truly exciting coming out of Giveth itself, the outward facing parts don't have to be too active, as long as they stay not quiet for weeks. I wish our community chats were in a more healthy state - have a more active userbase, but that will likely change once we get out of hiatus and engage more designers and developers again.

I would love for Comms to get into the discussion surrounding Giveth2, because it seems like now we want stuff like a pitch-deck and seeing the first external contributions there I yearn for the consistency in message that seems to be in peril.

Open Milestones payment

We should be very clear how we deal with reg-rewards, or any rewards for that matter. This has to be clear for everyone(!) affected.

Current status of the Commons Stack & next steps

I do work for the Commons Stack, but largely stepped back from active engagement, because the project is mainly focused on attracting funding at the moment and has less need for deployment and development.


Dani Mon 16 Nov 2020 3:47PM