Can we make the inclusive threads more open & inclusive

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This subgroup is closed and private and link to a thread gives people the message:

"You do not have permission to do this"

Do we even need a subgroup? If we do, can we make it open?


Amandasm Sat 13 Apr 2019 9:48AM

I think subgroups are a useful feature for those wanting to engage with a particular area who don't want to wade through the main feed, which is constantly changing in order. As Loomio fills up with threads it will become more useful to be able to narrow things down.
To make the subgroup more open I think @ionasteen will have to change it in the settings? (since she started the subgroup)


Yon Sat 13 Apr 2019 7:42PM

Hi Folks - this subgroup was made WAY BACK, when loomio was just in testing phase. I'll have a chat with Iona and we'll discuss if it's best just to delete it, open it up, or keep it for specific groups. Keep an eye out.


Amandasm Sat 13 Apr 2019 7:48PM

actually this subgroup is a newer copy of that old one (which was accidentally its own group separate from Burning Nest group).
Here's the old one: https://www.loomio.org/g/CyJvE62b/inclusions-and-accessibility-at-nest

I think as long as the subgroup isn't private it should be fine - people have already added threads to it


Graeme McGregor Sun 14 Apr 2019 11:19AM

I just asked to join the subgroup and then I was able to post in it and create threads.


Yon Mon 15 Apr 2019 7:46AM

Oh, so it's all fine then?


Graeme McGregor Mon 15 Apr 2019 9:23AM

I think Iona needs to sort this out as both Inclusion Lead and the person who created the subgroup.

I don't see why it can't be an open group, though.