Wed 18 Jan 2023 10:57AM

Platform 6 AGM 2023 - Thurs 23rd Feb, 10.30am

Hi everyone - save the date for our AGM, which will be online on the morning of Thu 23rd.

The agenda will be published in this thread and emailed to P6 members in the next week.

During the previous fortnight, there will have been:

So this seems like an opportunity for a general discussion to share items of importance, explore trends, synergies and conflicting agendas and to think about how Platform 6 Development Co-op can become a more effective, useful part of the co-operative ecology/solidarity economy.

If you have ideas for particular agenda items or discussion themes, feel free to use this thread to share them.

We are looking for active new members and directors, particularly people who like organising other people!