Mon 16 Apr 2018 10:27AM

"The Corbyn Effect" Panel Event Poster files. Download and help publicise!

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BathNES Momentum is hosting a panel event as publicity for the recent publication of "The Corbyn Effect". Collated and introduced by writer and activist, Mark Perryman, this book contains specially-commissioned essays, writers, academics and activists from across political generations explore the meaning, limitations, and potential of Corbyn. How has Corbyn changed the Labour Party? Is his support inside and outside the party likely to last? What can we expect a Corbyn government to achieve?

This discussion, Qand A event will be an opportunity to explore these and other questions in person.


Elbe Everson Sat 5 May 2018 1:19PM

This event is fast approaching!! @martinpople please attach the j.peg for your publicity poster here so that members can download, print, and put it up in our respective locales.


Elbe Everson Sun 13 May 2018 5:21PM

attached are the poster files. There is a front and a reverse so they can be printed in pamphlet form. feel free to download and print them off so you can help publicise the event


Elbe Everson Sun 13 May 2018 5:22PM

here's the B-side