Mon 15 Feb 2016 2:27PM

OuiShare Website v.3.2 / participatory budget 2015 project report

AK Auli Kütt Public Seen by 73

To give an overview of ouishare.net website developments in 2015 II half, I've prepared a project report and website changes overview, available as google doc. In the doc you can find:

To be very brief here, the most important updates are:

  • adding a light version of search (http://ouishare.net/en/search) (across tags and titles of Members, Events ad Projects)
  • clickable tags (clicking on any tag brings up search page with associated content)
  • many admin pages improvements
  • members list in admin is very easily searchable now

Please see the google doc for more details.

Much gratitude to everyone who supported the website in participatory budgeting process - this work has been possible thanks to all of you :-)

Looking forward to your feedback and next ideas,


Francesca Mon 15 Feb 2016 2:35PM

Thanks for the awesome documentation @auli !!


Maud Mon 15 Feb 2016 5:59PM

Thanks for this great documentation indeed @auli ! and for the work done so far.


Jocelyn Ibarra Tue 16 Feb 2016 4:00AM

@auli thank you for such helpful and supportive work.

I forgot to mention that a great part of the progress made in Community was possible thanks to Auli's guidance and work on better ways to inform visitors + the members/directory ñ_ñ


Khushboo Balwani Sun 21 Feb 2016 12:59PM

Thank you @auli you have been doing great work :) this update is very helpful.