Word is getting out.. an update on the gallery working group 2/22

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Since we began meeting in Jan things are moving along at a brisk pace.

Otto & Seana et al have their closing on 2/24 this coming saturday from 6pm-10pm it's a free event and should be really cool! Facebook event is here - https://www.facebook.com/events/1533392053446304/

Hoping that Otto + Seana can take their work down sometime between 2/28 - 3/7 so that the next show, "Vague on Purpose" can set up on 3/8 before arts arcata on 3/9

Arts Arcata 3/9 is going to be curated and feature the work of Sam and Izuriel the show is called "Vague on Purpose."

Arts Arcata is April on 4/13 is going to be curated by some other HSU Students.

May and beyond is undetermined and we now have a website with an application form for interested artists to apply to show their work thru. https://outerspacearcataga.wixsite.com/mysite-1/contact

So our next task as a working group is to solidify the different jobs that various people have been taking on in the last 2 months and form them into job titles with specific roles and tasks. I'm thinking like a check list.

This check list would be categorized into different "jobs" that 2 or 3 people can take on as "outer space volunteers" to be the facilitators for people to curate their art show.

I'm thinking like
"Bottom Liner" is the person who is in direct communication with the curators, determining the needs for displays and hanging of artwork -- and procuring them with help from the curators (Ink People office in Eureka for sculpture dias etc) and making sure that other steps of the project are completed and accountable on the outer space side of things.

"Media / Street Team" is going to be in charge of making the flyer, doing the press release and making sure it gets emailed to all the press agencies and field any follow up questions to the bottom liner or be well versed enough in the event + subject matter to field those questions on their own.

"Gallery Attendant" is going to be there to assist with the set up of the artwork for the exhibit installation, and / or be present during arts arcata.

Please feel free to add / critique any jobs or tasks or things we usually do .

We will discuss this further at the next meeting we have which is being determined by this poll