Thu 1 Jun 2023 10:47AM

workers.coop: News#4 Learning to walk

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The new federation of worker co-ops has been going for half a year. Check out their most recent newsletter sharing progress, upcoming events and worker co-op news here.

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sophia Thu 1 Jun 2023 11:43AM

I'd like to sign up to the newsletter but it's not clear which fields are for what info, see screenshot. Highlighting does not reveal the text (which it would if it was the same colour as the background). Same result in Firefox and Chrome. Thanks


Graham Thu 1 Jun 2023 12:52PM

@sophia I can't replicate that issue regardless of what browser I use. I can see from the screenshot that you've shared that other text content on the page is also not being rendered (the bullet points that should appear to the right of the chevrons, the menu items underneath the newsletter sign-up box). For info the fields are, from l to r: first name, last name, email address. All are required fields.


John Atherton Thu 1 Jun 2023 12:15PM

That's really weird it looks like this on mine, what browser are you using?:


James Mead (Go Free Range) Fri 2 Jun 2023 8:22AM

It looks as if the missing elements are all ones which are using the "rubik" font. It looks as if that's supposed to be loaded by Typekit. I'm guessing that's failing for some reason...? Although I'm not sure why the browser isn't falling back to "Arial" or "sans-serif". Perhaps it thinks the font has loaded when in reality it hasn't...?


James Mead (Go Free Range) Fri 2 Jun 2023 2:48PM

I don't know much about Wordpress, but search engine results suggest there are known problems using Typekit (i.e. Adobe) fonts with Wordpress and/or Wordpress plugins.


sophia Wed 7 Jun 2023 6:07PM

Thank you, I've subscribed. It may be the new AVG antivirus I'm using. I can view the URLs next to each bullet point in the tool tips (with mouse-hover), but the newsletter fields are completey invisible.


James Mead (Go Free Range) Wed 7 Jun 2023 11:11PM

@sophia I doubt AVG is the problem. I suspect the problem is on the server side.


alishakihn Thu 4 Jan 2024 7:30AM

@Super Mario Thank you, I've subscribed.