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Co-op blogosphere Twitter chat and fund

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(Patrick Connolly made a nice summary of this idea in this comment)

  • I made a list of 56 journalists who have written at least one article about coops like we decided to do in a Platform6 call with Dan Shipley.
  • I also know a bunch of amateur bloggers who write about coops that I haven't added there

  • Start a Twitter chat group where everyone who writes about coops can join. You can share in the chat group a tweet that includes your article about coops, others can choose to retweet it if they want. There are no rules, but we encourage a culture of reciprocity where those who retweet others are retweeted.

  • Start a Twitter account that retweets all of the tweets shared in the chat.

  • Start a Platform6 hosted Open Collective fund that anyone can donate to, that is given to a blogger that have shared their tweets in the chat. Those who have contributed to the fund can join a Loomio group that votes on how the funds are distributed between members of the co-op blogosphere chat group. They can choose to give the funds to someone who has not contributed to the fund if they want. Especially funding for people who have written their first article about coop could be encouraged. People are also free to join the fund even if they don't write blog articles about coops themselves. This could be called the Co-op Blogosphere Co-op Fund or something.

I would be willing to donate 25 pounds to the fund and hope Platform6 would match that.

We could see how much:
- Bloggers join the chat
- People contribute to the Open Collective fund

Here are two people stuff we could do with the funds:

geo.coop blog

- Already collects posts about coops across the internet in its blogs & tweets them.

- Fund it for 20$ (16.5 pounds) for retweeting tweets in the chat group.

Matt Noyes 10$ (8.2 pounds)

- Translates articles from Spanish to English.

- I already donate to him, but he could present brief of description of articles he would like to translate and put a Loomio poll which to donate to.

That would be around 25 pounds. We could then have the other 25 pounds given to the authors of articles shared in the chat group during the last month, voted by members of the Loomio group.

Bloggers could set up their own Open Collective accounts where the money would be given.

We could see how it works out in the first month with first 50 pounds. We can then decide if we want to stop, reduce or increase funding with membership vote in P6 Loomio group.

If nothing else, 56 journalists who have written about coops would come aware of Platform6!

We could also create a protopage with all the chat group members blogs in there. I made a protopage for members of social coop with blogs some time ago, here is what it looks like.

This could be done within the first month or two and then see how it works out.

We wouldn't have to limit ourselves to Twitter either - we could start a similar chat group in Facebook with a Facebook page sharing every article shared in the chat. I just think Twitter is more suitable for the purpose and we should begin with that. It wouldn't have to be limited to articles either - it could include videos, podcasts, etc. People who write articles are just the first one we should start out with as there is much more of them.

We could expand this to many directions - we could do matched funding with Social Coop to pay for the Social Coop reading group to write book reviews. We could provide funding for those who improve Wikipedia content about coops. Etc.


Josef Davies-Coates Tue 24 Sep 2019 6:25PM

Hey, I've been reading/ lurking for a while, but always on my phone where Loomio doesn't work too well... so I just wanted to chime in and say I broadly totally LOVE this idea!

I'm not too sure about all the details/ the fund aspect of it all, but generally am in big support of ANY plan/ project to systematically share good stories about co-ops! (ideally we'd be creating great short video case studies of all these stories and then collaborative/ co-operatively sharing those everywhere on social media to promote long articles on the same story).

Anyways, probably not that clear from this doc, but I've a "systematically share good stories" project and some brainstorm notes for that can be found here:



Leo Sammallahti
Wed 11 Sep 2019 2:24PM



Poll Created Wed 11 Sep 2019 2:23PM

Do you want to join a Twitter chat group for sharing coop articles? Closed Sat 30 Nov 2019 3:03PM

Twitter enables chat groups that include many users. We are starting a Twitter chat group where people can share their articles about coops. Users can then choose to retweet them if they want. The chat group is not for discussing the articles. Users can only share articles about coops they have written themselves. This is to reduce notification spam. There would be around 1-7 notifications per week.

If you want to join, let me know in the comments what your Twitter account is.


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Leo Sammallahti Sun 1 Sep 2019 3:41AM

This is a proposed schedule by which I'm working on, I will keep the Loomio group updated:
- September 1st week start the Twitter chat group and invite first 5 people. Have a Loomio poll on this group tomorrow about how many want to volunteer to join the chat group.
- September 2nd week set up the Loomio group.
- September 3rd week set up the Open Collective.
- September 4th week make the payment for GEO collective in exchange of them tweeting every coop article linked in the chat next month.

  • October 1st week, post to the online groups listed in our resources page. Add more groups in the resources before that.
  • October 2nd week, message every 56 writers in the list. Find more writers before that.

  • November 1st week, have the first Loomio poll on which writers to give how much of 25 pounds donated by me.

  • November 2nd week, make an evaluation based on how many people have joined the chat group. Use the following metrics:

  • How many people have joined the chat group?

  • How useful has it been to writers in terms of getting retweets?

  • How much has been contributed to the Open Collective?

  • How many people voted in the Loomio polls?

  • How many writers set up their own Open Collective to receive funding?

  • How many people who would have otherwise probably not have been aware of Platform6 are now aware of what we are doing and have joined?

I hope we could find 30 people in the Twitter chat group and there would be voluntary donations to the of total of 10 pounds a month and 1 person joining Platform6 as a result by November.

We would already make £5 every month from the new member and get £10 to the fund, by spending £25. If we reach this, we could consider making another similar monthly donation of £25, with new goals, and reduce funding if the returns (including in terms of positive externalities to cooperative movement as a whole) are not met.


Leo Sammallahti Sun 1 Sep 2019 2:06AM

I imagined that the Twitter chat group would include only articles about cooperatives, perhaps defined by at least by mentioning the word "cooperative/co-op/coop" somewhere in the article. A Twitter chat group that would enable wider discussion between the writers could also be set up, and people could choose to belong to both. A 50+ person twitter chat group would probably give too many notifications for many peoples preference if free discussion would be enabled about all the articles.

Regarding "bridge to detached communities"
- Cross-translation into many languages, bridges people who don't speak the articles original language. The English speaking cooperative movement has very little access to lot of the material made by the Indian or Japanese cooperative movement for example.

The Loomio group to use the Open Collective funds members could choose to support writers on many criteria: if they are young, from an underrepresent group, if it's your first article about coops, etc.


Patrick Connolly Sat 31 Aug 2019 8:16PM

Thanks @graham2! Your summary feels like wonderful framing. Love love love riffing on ideas, but a bit more inclined to rough out the clear theory of change first.

Something else to consider -- people who bridge to detached communities are perhaps more valuable to growth in mindshare, so:
- if Canada doesn't have many people of colour in our co-op communities, people who write and participate in communities that share that experience, they are more valuable (presuming we wish co-op movement to bend resources to reach them)
- if someone's primary news beat is something quite detached from co-operatives, their writing about them is maybe more valuable (esp their exploring angles of appeal that people deep in the co-op movement perhaps don't/can't see)
- if someone does english-spanish translation, that brings the best content to new ears, our own or non-english ones (Matt Noyes [?] is seemingly supporting co-author Luis Razeto Migliaro in doing this :tada:)

basically, people brokering messages between separated spaces (or who are structurally more likely to bridge, due to their social capital in various spaces), this feels more important to the spread of the conversation and inclusion of new voices. Some thoughtful way to recognize and value (and so incentivize), that feels maybe interesting to explore with how we apply incentives?

Lastly, inspired by my interest in social physics lately, I've been doing introductions (and trying to know others) through exploring "centrality" and "betweenness". For example, I might make effort to reveal in an early introduction that I'm in the middle of these groups: white, cis, able-bodied, Canadian, neurotypical, extrovert, two-parent household, sighted. And my betweenness aspects could be: Canada-Taiwan regional cultures through travel. tech-gov relations. male-female perspectives (in that I've never felt comfortable in overly masculine culture), biology- and tech-oriented thinking. academia and real-world application. high privilege but periods of personal poverty and homelessness. etc. etc. Someone who knows these things about me knows a whole lot about how I can maybe serve them :)

Perhaps we could do similar thinking on what communities are straddled by certain publishers or writers or topics, and incentivize content creation that crosses boundaries we aspire to move across, rather than general content creation <3


Leo Sammallahti Sun 1 Sep 2019 2:05AM

I'm pretty much rephrasing what I say so hope this is clearing uncertainty and not just being repetitive. If I understand correctly what you're saying you have correctly understood what the idea.

We need to offer a tangible economic benefit for participating. The Twitter chat group is this. We pay 20$ to GEO for the first month if they promise to retweet every article shared in the Twitter chat group. So the guaranteed tangible benefit would for joining the Twitter chat would be that their articles about coops would be retweeted by at least GEO. After first month we would see again if we want to continue the 20$/month donation.

Everyone can join the Twitter chat group if they want to share their own articles or retweet others. The 20$ would be donated to an Open Collective account where money would be voted on democratically by anyone contributing at least ?$/month.

We would then see where it would develop but it could start out as very simple and relatively low cost.
- Twitter chat group
- Open Collective account
- Loomio group


Graham Sat 31 Aug 2019 2:11PM

Getting my head round the core ideas and goals here, please correct me if I'm missing stuff or plain wrong: the broad goal is to grow the narratives about new/next economy, co-operation and co-operatives, etc, because we know that good strong positive stories are really helpful in shifting consciousness and enabling change. So to encourage this we want to identify and support existing storytellers, and encourage new ones. We do this by enabling them to connect with each other for mutual benefit, and we enable ourselves and others to be aware of the storytellers by publishing a handy list, and presumably by also collating links to their stories so that they are easier to find. And we establish a kitty so that storytellers can be rewarded. Is that right? Anything else I've missed?


Patrick Connolly Fri 30 Aug 2019 4:45PM

What does the skull emoji/icon mean?

heh, sorry, that was me. meant "dead / historical". added to emoji legend. the only person by that specific name who was writing about co-ops seemed to be a historical figure who was long dead :) should have asked @leosammallahti to confirm.

I did a pass at finding them on Twitter, and they're in this list:

  • :bulb: a google spreadsheet might be more sustainable (connecting list names to twitter accounts in that twitter list is a little tedious and hard to sync)
  • :bulb: could manage a list via GSheet => Twitter Zapier integration
    • :bulb: we could add other contact info
    • :heart: I feel ok with using proprietary services so long as there's minimal "vendor lock-in"

Jeff Regino Fri 30 Aug 2019 10:28AM

@leosammallahti Thanks a lot for sharing your HackMD list.

I've been collating a list of my own and I'll share it in the future once it's ready.

What does the skull emoji/icon mean?

Do you have relevant links (websites, links, emails, etc.) for those in the three lists? If not, I'd be happy to research them and add links to that list, if that's ok with you.

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