Sat 14 Sep 2013 10:43PM

Where are we going to start?

BS Blaine Smith Public Seen by 16

So, as far as I can tell I think people are wanting to do this in Colorado, but which county would we do it in? Does it even matter? I suppose we should do it in a place where building codes are less restrictive. It should be a nice place to live in aesthetically, but we could turn any place into paradise if we wanted, Just look at Dubai. I think the main priorities would be for the land to be cheap, and have the ability to expand. Although a forest area would look nice and get us wood, It would be a pain to cut down places just to build a house, not to mention the root systems, and also it takes time till you can use the wood. Resources wise I don't think it's imperative to have a place that is mineral rich underground, as it will take time to find and remove the stuff, also it would cost money for equipment to dig and refine. I think for the very first piece of land it would be best just to find a simple piece of land that is cheap. After we master that we can do what ever we want, but right now we are sort of just about everything, money, land, people and time. So that's why I think the first thing to do is all least find a somewhere to do it. Even if we don't buy it yet (but I would advise buying straight away). Once we have land people will actively search look for us and want to join. Collectively we have enough to buy a good sized piece of land, even I could do that by my self (It wouldn't leave much for other stuff, but I could). Anyway we should be discussing this as a group, but we shouldn't waste time, the sooner the better.