Fri 22 Jun 2018 2:00PM

Wheel 2.0 Hub

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The new version of the Wheel of Co-Creation will start with a moment of contemplation in the centre of the Hub. We open to silence, either alone, in pairs or as a group. Then, a few questions can be explored.
- Was the moment, circumstances and place when and where I was born more than accidental? Did I choose to be born and then (needed to) only occasionally remember until a more conscious evolutionary reality emerges?
- What has my own life brought in hindsight? Birth, toddler, early school, as teen, young adult, beginning a family, carreer, retirement, second life or as appropriate.
- Which (three) key happenings and decisions were initial?
- Can I see a pattern and possible actions that call?
- Where do I have to forgive myself and others?
- What is my hidden or obvious greatness and quality?
- Then, do I get clear on my vocation in one of the 12 sector fields to announce my contribution and voice my needs?