Thu 8 Mar 2018 10:03PM

March/April 2018 meetup

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As mentioned in the earlier thread, we should agree a time and place for the second meet-up.

So the working proposal is:

6pm, Monday, March the 26th, The Outhouse, 12A Broughton St Lane, Edinburgh.


David Mynors Fri 9 Mar 2018 12:37PM

26th of March would work for me!

Quick thought: might it be worth setting something up on meetup.com? I attended a UX meetup in Edinburgh a little while back and have since received a number of emails about other events I 'might be interested in'. I can imagine a people finding about out about this through similar means.


Nick S Fri 9 Mar 2018 1:01PM

Hello @idmyn! Indeed I've considered meetup.com before, the main obstacle is that there's a fee (once you get beyond the trial period). I know I can't really cover that myself, and I don't think the P2PF has funds for this sort of thing either, although I could be wrong. Maybe @staccotroncoso can answer this?


David Mynors Fri 9 Mar 2018 2:06PM

Ahh I wasn't aware of the fees, but that makes sense!


Stacco Troncoso Fri 9 Mar 2018 4:58PM

Hi guys. No we don't have any surplus funds. Sorry! Isn't there a free alternative to meetup?


RoryG Fri 9 Mar 2018 3:37PM

I've used meetup as to organise Cleanweb events, and yes there are fees. As far as discussion and whatnot goes this is much better than Meetup.com. In terms of giving events a web-pages we can share/advertise with, we could use Attending.io -- light on features, free to use, & you don't need to sign up. Just a way to put the event on the web.


Nick S Wed 28 Mar 2018 1:43PM

I investigated attending.io but when I try searching for events it seems to be broken - there's a 500 internal server error!

I can start adding an event without an error, however, so perhaps it's just the search is broken...


Penny Travlou Thu 15 Mar 2018 11:53PM

I confirm that I will attend the meeting on 26th March.


Nick S Wed 21 Mar 2018 12:16AM

Looks like people are okay with the proposed date, time and place above? In that no alternative proposals or constraints have been posted so far.

Actually, I see a specific time is missing, so I'll add the time we used before, 6pm (Monday 26th, Outhouse Bar, Edinburgh). Again, pretty arbitrary so feel free to say if this makes things awkward.

I may try and book a table again, however last week it was totally empty (and they seem to want a deposit, officially). I think still we only have about 6 people this time?


Liam Murphy Wed 21 Mar 2018 7:24AM

Hi Nick, Just to mention we’ve got about 15-20 people confirmed for the Cultural Commons: Copyfair/Culturebanking meetup on 23rd.., best of luck and maybe feedback on here afterwards? Liam


Louise Scott Wed 21 Mar 2018 1:30PM

Hi Nick, I'd love to come along, but I'm out of Scotland on Monday, will keep in the loop though, hope to make it along to the next one :)


Nick S Mon 26 Mar 2018 11:18AM

Just a reminder, this is today! (Assuming Loomio notifies you before the event passes!)


Nick S Wed 28 Mar 2018 1:35PM

Thanks to all those who came - a slightly bigger group this time, seven people.

Overall IIRC the discussion initially centered around explaining what "P2P" means to those unfamiliar with the term.

Additionally, some topics I captured in my notes:
- @roryg noted that there will be an Open Knowledge Meetup on May 7th (feel free to post full details, which I don't have).
- Someone mentioned the Journal of Peer Production, the last issue of which (#11) is co-edited by @pennytravlou
- @roryg knows someone who set up a directory of local manufacturers, make.works, an example of a knowledge commons
- I think Marek mentioned Small is Beautiful related to the fact he's working building huts on the Falkland Estate, Fife.
- The Real Junk Food Project
- SMART (which I can't recall enough about to find with google)

Later it moved on to what we'd like to do in future meetings, and maybe what else if anything we might achieve. For instance there might be scope for something in the Edinburgh festival season, and one of @roryg's earlier suggestions for a P2P group was that a festival might be a medium to longer term goal.

WRT future meetings, whatever we do should ideally require little or no funds (since we haven't any) and not too much organisational burden (since that tends to be hard to sustain).

One idea is to show films and then have an open discussion. The problem is that most bars, The Outhouse included, aren't very suitable for that. The Outhouse has an upstairs space for events with a projector, but typically also charges and/or requires a deposit (deductible if not enough sales are made on the bar).

So perhaps we could get some suggestions for places to meet which permit this without fees.

@pennytravlou had a suggestion for a film: "Building Communities of Commons" trailer here about building (mesh?) networks in the Sarantaporo, Greece. However we might want to come up with a few more.

Please post suggestions on the relevant threads linked here (rather than here):
- Suggested meeting places
- Suggested films or topics


Nick S Thu 12 Apr 2018 1:55PM

Related to @roryg's news of an Open Knowledge Meetup on May 7th, I see there's a couple of talks on Open Knowledge/Data at the FLOSS UK conference in Edinburgh, this April 26th and 27th (Thurs and Friday).

  • Exploring the Open Knowledge Landscape (Lorna Campbell, University of Edinburgh and Wikimedia UK)
  • Climate Change in One Line: Can Open Data and Open Source Solve Humanity’s Greatest-Ever Environmental Threat? (Professor Roy Thompson, FRSE)

Regular tickets cost £150, unfortunately, however they have concessions.


RoryG Tue 24 Apr 2018 10:20PM

Thanks for these, I'm busy those days but appreciate sharing relevant links / events


Elspeth Thu 29 Mar 2018 2:52PM

I'm not sure how the threads work on Loomio, so hope this is the right place for this comment, following the meeting on Monday 26th. First, I am only part local, next week I move back to my other home, Block Island, USA and intend a brief return to Edinburgh in September. I'll try to keep in touch and supportive through Loomio.

Second, I mentioned an irish site Feasta http://www.feasta.org/ well worth a look.
I have tried before to list all the sites I find: https://wp.me/P1KgFC-qc - a muddle but I have looked at them all in some depth. I just added P2P. I will get aroun dto looking at Open Knowledge too - any more suggestions?

best wishes, Elspeth