Sun 26 Jul 2020 6:02AM

Help installing or if possible is there any automated script for installing like the one GasparI made for ubuntu 16?

J joesab Public Seen by 58

Hi there, I would apreciate some help. basically I know some frontend webdev but I'm not good at building dependencies or stuff

so couldn't make the regular install work, neither the docker install and the only video I found in youtube is installing in Mac

so is there any automatic installation script? like the one GasparI  had made? or any other way to install it ? or more detail list of the commands needed for ubuntu?


Robert Guthrie Sun 26 Jul 2020 1:36PM

Hi @joesab, if you want my help, you're going to have to follow the loomio-deploy instructions, and if you get stuck, explain what you did, and include the relevant logs.

That's my best effort to make it easy to install.


joesab Sun 26 Jul 2020 6:35PM


sure sounds fare

I´ll install a fresh ubuntu and post the results


joesab Mon 27 Jul 2020 5:17AM

So I installed it in a new fresh Ubuntu 18 with docker, everything fine, but after this command

sudo docker-compose up -d

then i check the website and Nginx Return error 503 bad gateway

According to the instructions that’s because rails is not running, how can I run rails?

that´s where I got stuck last time

Here are my docker compose logs (they are long lines, I posted it in pastebin, so I don’t saturate this forum)


if it doen´t work I may try the development install one by one

thanks you for your time and for this awesome piece of software


Robert Guthrie Mon 27 Jul 2020 6:55AM

@joesab Stick with this method, unless you want to edit the code... but even then, you'll likely want this step to host it.

The stable image can take a few minutes to boot, and only then will rails be available. It looks like nginx and rails never saw a request..

So I would recommend booting it up with docker-compose up -d

Watch the client app build process, by running docker-compose logs -f then when you see

loomio-app     | [120] Use Ctrl-C to stop
loomio-app     | [120] - Worker 0 (pid: 126) booted, phase: 0
loomio-app     | [120] - Worker 1 (pid: 138) booted, phase: 0 

you should be good to go.

And you should definately see something happen in your logs at that point, so if it does not work, post that, because that will say where the request got stuck.


joesab Mon 27 Jul 2020 7:55PM

I tried and it didn´t work

so I reinstalled Ubuntu and started again

this time in localhost Nginx say error 500

here is the full log since installing Docker to the last steps (docker logs)


once more I appreciate you taking the time to help me troubleshoot it


Robert Guthrie Mon 27 Jul 2020 8:29PM


docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose run app rake db:setup
docker-compose run app rake db:migrate
docker-compose up -d

joesab Mon 27 Jul 2020 9:11PM

thaks, I tried but still keeps giving me error 500 bad gateway


it call may attentions that the logs complain about certificates not created (I´m using my localhost instead of a domain, is it mandatory to use a domain for Loomio to work)

also almost at the end it says something about about creating a database Loomio production (say it already exist)

any idea what can I do to fix it?


Robert Guthrie Mon 27 Jul 2020 9:12PM

yes it's mandatory to use a publicly accessible domain for loomio-deploy.


Robert Guthrie Mon 27 Jul 2020 9:12PM

the main error is from the database cannot create loomio_production, already exists.


joesab Mon 27 Jul 2020 9:19PM

Thanks for the quick answer

ok i will use a publicly accesible domain

I mean I know that for a certificate a domain is mandatory, so I guess if I use loomio in a regular localhost (without ssl certificates) it wouldn´t work. that´s no problem.

my question then would be how can I fix the database since is a container


Robert Guthrie Mon 27 Jul 2020 9:46PM


docker-compose run app rake db:schema:load

joesab Mon 27 Jul 2020 11:12PM

@Rob Guthrie I'm really thankful for all your time spend in this software, and time giving support to the community.

Unfortunately the Docker deployment version still doesn't work for me. I will take a Docker and databases course this following week.

I will take a look at the development deployment as it to me seems more promising than relying on Docker I have used docker before but this is the first time it doesn't work at first try (somehow is not as easy as I thought LOL)

so clearly I'm missing something in my install

but for now I think I will leave it since even trying with my own purchased domain and everything still nothing

I don´t want to take more of your time, you guys have been generous enough with your time.
with all my heart thanks


joesab Mon 27 Jul 2020 11:14PM

maybe after I re-take my old linux-bash courses i may write an script as Gaspar Did for the old ubuntu 14

if, so I would happily share it, you guys already work hard

I hope to one day give back something useful to the community

have a wonderful day

and big thanks appreciate your help


GasparI Thu 3 Sep 2020 7:30AM


I believe that Loomio needs the simplest "next-next-finish" installer possible to become really successful worldwide.

I have managed to follow through install instructions (impossible without advanced Linux knowledge) but I also failed to install it next to Apache, which is a circumstance on the target server I must accommodate.

Please see this new post: https://www.loomio.org/d/wxE3sCDj/loomio-docker-install-next-to-apache

@joesab How important this is for you? If you could contribute, let's say 50 €, then we would need less than 10 people to finance this effort.

We could also launch a crowdfunding campaign to do so.
@Rob Guthrie - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


Robert Guthrie Thu 3 Sep 2020 8:59AM

I don't quite understand how to achieve a next-next-finish workflow, and support you to run it in a custom configuration (ie: with Apache).

I don't understand how I can help. If you follow the instructions I've provided, it'll work, but it's up to you to configure it differently to that.


GasparI Thu 3 Sep 2020 9:25AM

Let's say Apache is installed and used, it's a common scenario.

If you follow the instructions, they won't work in their current form. As I mentioned not even I was able to find out yet how to avoid conflicts with 80/443 standard ports.

The concept is the same I did with 14.04 and 16.04 - make the installation as easy as running a single command in such case.


GasparI Thu 3 Sep 2020 9:36AM

@Rob Guthrie Btw, I wouldn't bother you with server config issues for special cases. You already do so much with development for which I am grateful.

Would you, and the team, feel okay if such special efforts are funded via community/crowdfunding?


Robert Guthrie Thu 3 Sep 2020 7:00PM

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm, @GasparI.

To me, having an existing server doing existing stuff is a special use case, and you're going to need to have a level of linux expertise to manage that responsibility. I've supported maybe 50 people to install Loomio and the vast majority of them were installing onto a new VPS with their own domain name and email server.

Working out how to load balance traffic to multiple apps, or diagnose a problem, is something the sysadmin will always have to take responsibility for, no matter what apps they want to run. Any one click installs you find for other apps will not support installing onto an existing server with http ports in use.

To be clear, I don't think this is appropriate for crowdfunding because I don't think the problem is clear. Either seek support with configuring your server with multiple virtual hosts (a reasonable thing to do), or ask for help developing a one (ish) click install, but they are separate things.

Finally, we don't have any more time, and cannot prioritize the work should you run a crowdfunding campaign. It would be great if you could find people with the skills to do what you want and fund them, so that we have more Loomio experts in the world.

However I acknowledge there may be demand for better support to self host Loomio, and maybe there is an opportunity for that to generate revenue for Loomio. We could offer one click loomio installs with selected VPS providers (starting with digitalocean, maybe) and provide DNS, Email and other configuration out of the box, along with a choice of your-choice.loomio.net domain names.


joesab Mon 7 Sep 2020 10:26PM

@T thanks I would love to give it a try, but the link you provided isn't working, could you send the direct link pls?

yeap no worries I think i can manage the port/Virtualhost. your help is highly appreciated


joesab Mon 7 Sep 2020 10:36PM

@GasparI I totally agreed with you buddy, In order for Loomio to be successful worldwide it needs "next-next-finish" installer (Monkey/dummy proof installer). I'm sure it super hard to do for the developers

sadly right now due to COVID-19 I don't have as many resources as I had

(company where I work is working at 20% so not as much income as it use to)

But as soon as I can if you are still Crowdfunding I'm totally in.


joesab Mon 7 Sep 2020 11:21PM

@Rob Guthrie please keep in mind that people who come to the open source self-hosted are usually small communities or groups where the chances to have/hire an advance ruby/linux developer are low.

Look I admire you guys

you made an amazing software and you totally earn all my respect for that level of commitment I have no complaints but one

the easier it is to install the more people will use it,

the more kind and helpful you are to newbies the bigger and solid your community becomes and more members can help others without you having to be giving support to everything alone

(not saying you are not helpful or rude, just saying there’s room for improvement) I appreciate the time donated to maintain Loomio.

If we are here is because we are grateful, we believe in your project and are willing to contribute if we can. (and 50 euros as Gasparl suggested is absolutely worthed)

I agree you are short of time for keeping up with certain things.

But hey @GasparI is willing to start a highly needed feature and just asking for support, I think encouraging more initiatives like that one would help Loomio to improve and it would make the community more involved in development and it would be less load on you and the team.


joesab Mon 7 Sep 2020 11:25PM

I am currently involved in many open source communities,

I'm talking by what I have seen

Take a look at Blender 3D. It used to be the least practical 3D Design software ever

they followed the path of involving more the community in development

Now they are the industry standard and made Autodesk back off and lower their prices more than half

I beg you to google Ton Roosendaal.

Analyze his community (Blender 3D) and the "business model" to keep income for blender foundation.

(if you can call an Open Source Software "Business")

Again I love Loomio and would love to see it grow, nothing of what I said had the intention to hurt or give hate speech.

It's totally the opposite I really want you guys to succeed you deserve it.

Again Thank you so much for all your effort, patience with the community and your time to make Loomio a reality.

the world needs more people like you guys.


Robert Guthrie Tue 8 Sep 2020 7:00PM

I love all the support in this thread. Thanks everyone ❤️. This is a much better approach than asking me to do it.

By the way, just released 2.4.0 which has a number of new features available under the "Beta features" section in the sidebar. Because you care about Loomio so much, you can be the first to know.

Key improvements

  • live collaborative editing on discussion contexts and proposals (plus some new editor features like colours and text alignment)

  • all comments etc are live saved as drafts and you cannot lose your work

  • "work in progress" mode for proposals so you can get feedback and improve them before voting

  • new thread renderer which shows you what is relevant to you, and is more stable (read: less jumpy) and faster than the last one

  • still to come before loomio 2.5: private threads and see who is online in a thread

Now please don't ask me to do any more custom os install scripts 😜


joesab Wed 9 Sep 2020 4:29AM

@T thanks for the updated link, I'm pleased to say that your script worked flawlessly in my first attempt with minimal tweaking. Love it, thanks for your time and effort big thanks bro.

@Rob Guthrie thanks for the new features Can't wait to try them 😉

@GasparI we love your idea, please keep us updated if you start any crowdfund campaign.

Maybe start a poll or brainstorm from the community to see which features are needed

and could be developed by the community via crowdfunding/volunteering for development.

thanks for the support!🙂


Giuseppe Sun 13 Dec 2020 12:06AM

Loved to read this thread. Thanks also from my site to @Rob Guthrie and all other loomio team guys. This work that you did is really great and thanks for your kind and constructive support. 🙏👍