allow comments and discussions to be translatable

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In "Pirate Movement of India", our members are native speakers of many languages. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_with_official_status_in_India)

In a recent discussion one member had to use their mother tongue so that they can clearly express their idea - https://www.loomio.org/d/tu97i2az/loksabha-elections-2014 But that would automatically exclude people who speak other languages but can understand English. In this case I manually translated all comments in Malayalam to English and posted as my comments. I would like loomio to be able to allow this as a feature ie, each text content needs to be translatable so that anyone can offer translations and people can choose their preferred languages to communicate.


Rachel B. Wickert Thu 23 Jan 2014 9:35AM

Yes, I agree. Something like the translate option in Facebook. That feature would resolve a big issue that our group has been battling with since the beginning.


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 23 Jan 2014 7:33PM

Wonderful suggestion @praveenarimbrathod. What languages have you got in your groups @rachelbwickert?


Rachel B. Wickert Thu 23 Jan 2014 8:39PM

@richarddbartlett our "official" working languages are French and English but we have also Spanish, Dutch , Deutsch, Italian and Cantonese native speakers.


Robert Guthrie Fri 24 Jan 2014 10:27PM

Wow this is a really cool idea. It could be a really nice plugin... or just a great feature to build right into Loomio. I want to dooo it!


mix irving Mon 3 Feb 2014 1:40AM

i love this idea as well.
until someone in the community can build it, you might have to establish a group protocol for translating specific posts.

in case it help, if you want to link to a specific comment, you can right-click on the time-stamp of a comment and click copy-url, and then you have a way to reference a comment in the discussion


mix irving Mon 3 Feb 2014 1:42AM


mix irving Tue 4 Feb 2014 9:10PM

oh wow, it looks like someone in the open source community is building what you've asked for. The first iteration will take us part the way to a solution. It would be awesome to get peoples feedback about how it is when it's rolled out.
we'l keep you posted


mix irving Wed 5 Feb 2014 7:13AM

it's live! many thanks to @jameskiesel

go give it a whirl on some comments like the ones in here :

it's a first step towards a solution, so we'd love feedback on how people find it


Alanna Irving Wed 5 Feb 2014 7:14AM

Fastest turnaround on a feature request ever? Thank you @jameskiesel you rule!

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