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This thread is a general purpose clearing house for the organising our yet to be named online event. Feel free to treat the context of this thread like a wiki and edit at will.

Organising team: @manuelkublbock1 @stefan36 @riabaeck1 @kelseybreseman @joshuavial. @coopchange is open to being tagged and helping out with small tasks.


Joshua Vial Wed 20 Feb 2019 6:58PM

Howdy all, excited to working with you on this project. I look forward to connecting on our first call but maybe we can kick off with some checkins in the thread?


Poll Created Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:01PM

Initial checkin Closed Sun 24 Feb 2019 7:02PM

What made you say yes to helping organise this event?


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4 of 6 people have participated (66%)


Joshua Vial
Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:03PM

I'm keen to do something practical with members of the peer garden and organising an event felt like a nice discrete exercise. I'm also excited to help people generate some good video and audio content that can go alongside some of the written works produced. I'm hopeful that this will be something we want to repeat and will help attract some more interesting folks to the peer garden.


Stefan Morales
Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:09PM

I'm super passionate about helping grow Peer Garden, and also about deepening the support that our network can offer itself in-terms of peer mentoring around writing/communications and the nuts and bolts of cooperative business. I see this as a great opportunity to learn-by-doing, together. And to experiment with more intentional/intensive ways of convening online using various digital tools. I also have a small platform of followers through Working Together that I can use to help spread word.


Kelsey Breseman
Wed 20 Feb 2019 10:52PM

I've been looking for an excuse to engage in an Enspiral-related project for most of a year! This looks like a good place to jump in. Excited for the topics suggested so far


Manuel Küblböck
Thu 21 Feb 2019 9:17AM

I said yes to the invite because I want to create something together with the people in this community. Mostly to get to know some of you better and feel more connected. At the moment, I feel only loosely involved and I would like to explore, if I find a deeper involvement energizing. Looking forward.


Joshua Vial Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:15PM

My plan is on posting summaries of the work I do to this thread, along with any requests for engagement / decisions. Most of the conversations and details of the work I plan to do in Trello. Naturally am open to other suggestions / requests about how we can work together well.

I've picked up the choose a theme ticket and will post a check to get input on it shortly. Am also kicking off a time poll for our first meeting. Let me know if anyone wants support with Trello, otherwise I plan to archive that ticket next week.

@kelseybreseman let me know if the join link for the trello board in the context doesn't work for you and I'll send an email invite.


Ria Baeck Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:37PM

I am happy that my loose holding over the last couple of months, and the posting of the question lead to this new energy. I could learn a lot about video and audio I guess. For the rest more than happy to contribute and host what is needed.


Kelsey Breseman Wed 20 Feb 2019 8:16PM

Thanks! Trello link worked :)


Joshua Vial Sun 24 Feb 2019 7:03PM

Welcome to @raduseserman1 who jumped in to the trello board. Feel free to check in with why you want to help organise the event :)

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