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This thread is a general purpose clearing house for the organising our yet to be named online event. Feel free to treat the context of this thread like a wiki and edit at will.

Organising team: @manuelkublbock1 @stefan36 @riabaeck1 @kelseybreseman @joshuavial. @coopchange is open to being tagged and helping out with small tasks.


Radu Seserman Sun 24 Feb 2019 8:02PM

I am interested to better understand the multiple facets of building a fair society. I want to be involved, to be part of the process. My ultimate goal is to initiate a Enspiral like community in Romania.


Joshua Vial Tue 26 Feb 2019 7:45AM

@manuelkublbock1 and I had a great chat today which I will carry the thread to for the call tomorrow with @stefan36 and @kelseybreseman.

Notes are up in this document which we can use as a rolling doc for any meeting minutes we have while prepping for the event.


Ria Baeck Fri 1 Mar 2019 6:03PM

As some response to the notes in the document - I'm all in to center the 'thing' we will do around questions! Of course, it takes some time to find an opening and inspiring question - but it is worth the effort!
We even could ask the presenters to bring some of their experience, knowledge, expertise AND also end their presentation with a question they are still holding, and how come? --> that will bring us all to the edge of knowing... (which I like!)


Stefan Morales Wed 13 Mar 2019 5:35PM

I like that idea of ending each session with "a question they are still holding". It's so much more than just a question--rather it's some sort of inquiry that we can't seem to let go of... almost as if we still aren't satisfied with the answers we've come across. I very much appreciate that framing.


Kelsey Breseman Wed 13 Mar 2019 4:38PM

Hi all, what do we see as next steps for this?


Stefan Morales Wed 13 Mar 2019 5:36PM

Thank you!


Joshua Vial Thu 14 Mar 2019 12:57AM

I've just finished up 15 days of retreat hosting and have got a proposal nearly finished on what I think next steps could look like. Will share shortly.


Stefan Morales Wed 13 Mar 2019 5:26PM

I'm still very much committed to this. Here's what I recall from our last meeting, and pls correct me if I'm wrong! I think we have a wealth of ideas for themes, and Josh was going to post them to the wider Peer Garden community for input. I think it's still possible to target the end of March still, but I think we would need to adjust the scope if we did that: there's still a lot of unanswered questions about topics/themes, and until we sort that out, we won't have very much lead time for inviting outside guests. We can always adjust the timing tho too. I'm wondering: would folks be game for having a quick meeting soon to touch base? I see a lot of different models that could be pursued, but I think we need to nail the format/programming down, together.


Stefan Morales Wed 13 Mar 2019 5:38PM

@joshuavial do you want to convene another call with folks around your schedule Josh? So long as I am gainfully unemployed (for a few more months at least), I am flexible as ever!


Ria Baeck Tue 19 Mar 2019 8:37AM

I'm following from the sidelines. Happy to join, but not to take the lead!

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