Wed 26 Sep 2018 4:03PM

Write up on Jason Hunter at Widcombe Social club

SL Sally Long Public Seen by 218

Normally either Jane, Livy or I do a write up of events for a press release/piece for the website, but unfortunately none of us are able to go to the Jason Hunter event in Widcombe tomorrow. Would anyone like to volunteer to write a short report? I'm happy to copy edit if needed. (Examples of recent write -ups are here on the website if anyone wants to know what is involved: https://bathforeurope.com/category/news/)


Sally Long Wed 26 Sep 2018 8:45PM

Just talked to Ian at the triwbridge eveny and he is happy to write up. Thanks Ian


Alice Hovanessian Wed 26 Sep 2018 8:49PM

Fab :slight_smile:


Sally Long Thu 27 Sep 2018 8:39AM

Oops. That’ll be “Trowbridge event”.


Alan Richard Champneys Thu 27 Sep 2018 10:25AM

Never heard of “Trowbridge envy” always thought the town centre at least was a s**thole