Select initial building blocks for MaaS TSP APIs

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Part of our working group purpose is to create and/or recommend specification(s) for Transport Service Provider APIs. So far, we have identified several APIs that are of critical importance to the Mobility as a Service ecosystem. Lets take the next step and collect existing API specifications where possible to build a MaaS TSP API v0.1 recommendation! :slight_smile:


Christian Mähler Thu 5 Apr 2018 8:34AM

PTV is currently building the MaaS Dispatcher as the first module of our PTV MaaS Operator product. You can find the current draft of the API here - https://mo-dev-apidoc.azurewebsites.net/content/maasopredoc.html# - it comprises both the vehicle tracking and the dispatching (trip) API. There is no further documentation available up to now. Questions and feedback are welcome.


Brylie Christopher Oxley Thu 5 Apr 2018 8:38AM

This looks like good work!

  • Is there a version available in the OpenAPI Specification format?
  • Under what license is the specification made available?

Christian Mähler Thu 5 Apr 2018 10:41AM

Yes, there is an OpenAPI spec format available. I may provide this later. The license of the spec is proprietary as this is the API description of our own product. Of course, you can use the OpenAPI spec to generate your own access clients.


Brylie Christopher Oxley Thu 5 Apr 2018 8:52AM

The TripGo API contains many of the elements identified as foundations for the MaaS ecosystem, including:

  • Routing (including traveling tourist/salesman problem)
  • Trips (a.k.a. Itineraries)
  • Stops (e.g. transportation stations)
  • Alerts (necessary for updating passengers about changing conditions)
  • Services (similar to service discovery)
  • Geocoding
  • Points of Interest

TripGo APIs can serve as '0.1' versions of the MaaS Alliance TSP APIs, and are open source under the Apache 2.0 license.


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Define high-priority TSP APIs Closed Sun 22 Apr 2018 9:02AM

by Brylie Christopher Oxley Mon 23 Apr 2018 8:17AM

Great news! We have identified three top priority APIs to support the MaaS ecosystem:

  • Bookings,
  • Trips, and
  • Vehicles.

Now we can build on existing efforts to produce the MaaS Alliance API Recommendations v0.1 :sunglasses:

We have identified several key Transportation Service Provider APIs that are crucial to support a MaaS ecosystem. Please vote among the following TSP APIs for those that you believe deserve our most immediate focus and effort. You can vote for five options :nerd:


Results Option % of points Points Mean Voters
Bookings (create, view, update, and cancel reservations for transport providers) 20.0% 5 1.0 5
Trips (combine one or more transportation legs into a single user trip) 16.0% 4 0.8 5
Vehicles (including availability, location, etc) 12.0% 3 0.6 5
Tickets (including display formats and validation) 12.0% 3 0.6 5
Products (available transportation options, prices, etc.) 12.0% 3 0.6 5
Coverage (including network/stops where relevant) 8.0% 2 0.4 5
Dispatching (dispatch vehicles to actual or anticipated user locations) 8.0% 2 0.4 5
Alerts (notifications of service changes, outages, traffic, etc) 8.0% 2 0.4 5
Payments (transparently pay for transportation services rendered via electronic means) 4.0% 1 0.2 5
Routing (determine how users can navigate between two or more waypoints) 0.0% 0 0.0 5
Undecided 0% 0 0 0

5 of 5 people have participated (100%)


Adrian Schönig Mon 23 Apr 2018 8:38AM

I just want to flag that with 5 total votes, this is not a very representative result, reflecting the concerns raised in the workshop in Hamburg. With 4/5 people voting for "bookings" it's looking fairly promising for that, but the other 2 just got 3/5 people voting for them versus 2/5 that 4 other APIs got...


Brylie Christopher Oxley Tue 24 Apr 2018 7:54AM

Yes, good point. We can acknowledge the size of our working group while still giving ourselves permission to make progress. Our outputs are incremental, so can be adapted if/when we get more active participants from various MaaS ecosystem partners. :slight_smile:


Adrian Schönig Tue 24 Apr 2018 8:01AM

Very good point. Also encourages participation if we have more things to show – even if it's just someone telling us we're focussing on the wrong things, that'd be useful input that we currently lack.