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NZ Shootings

MB Mason Bee Public Seen by 98

Although I don't want to try and promote Internet Part NZ using the shootings in Christchurch I believe we should discuss the ways these shootings will be used by politicians and the media arm of the GCSB to promote their political objectives. Already there are questions as to why the perpetrators were not on watch lists. What do you think the political angles will be and how they will be used by various ideologies?


Mason Bee Fri 15 Mar 2019 7:09PM

To step up surveillance might be one outcome.Gun control seems to be another. I would imagine greater sharing of intelligence between NZ and Australia will be another. I notice the GCSB has largely been silent thus far but will obviously come out with some sort of posture in the coming days.


Mason Bee Fri 15 Mar 2019 10:12PM

"I can tell you right now our gun laws will change." Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern


Daymond Goulder-Horobin Fri 15 Mar 2019 11:10PM

I believe the Internet Party should take the route of thinking outside the box. Here are a couple Ideas I have.

  1. Fingerprint Guns, a bit facist some might say but if the owners have control over there own tech then it may prevent black markets.

  2. Invest and subsidize development of Non-lethal firearms, in particular it would be good if firms and business had emergency defensive tools at there disposal. What makes firearms risky is they can kill accidentally if the intention is to subdue so preferably I would like something like this.

  3. I am opposed to more gun control as I am untrusting of the current state, even if the Internet Party became the state, I would want the citizens to be able to defend themselves anyway. At the most, Perhaps analysis of Japans gun laws are due since they are the most comprehensive, yet ensure those trustworthy have the right to protect themselves.

To answer the question, the left wing parties will advocate for more gun control to prevent guns going out, the right wing parties will argue for less gun control so people can defend themselves, plain and simple with no critical thinking involved. Also its possible that the big parties may argue for more surveillance and control in response to this shooting.


Geoff Anderson Sat 30 Mar 2019 2:45AM

OK Daymond; thought long and hard on this one.
Picture attached (See picture to make sense)
The picture lays out the basics of this ecco-friendly ‘crowd control vehicle’.
Fully bio-degradable and comes in a friendly non partisan green.
Obviously I’ll need a lot of money and time to refine it…
Lots of tests to perform, experiments, surveys and committees… could take years.
I’m keen to get started… Ready to do my part toward a more friendly world.

…If you think that non lethal weaponry is like the stun setting on a star trek phasor…
Then you have it wrong.
Its about bending a person or persons, to your will; using physical force, pain and intimidation.
There are defensive applications but 99% of the time they are used for aggressive purposes.
…To stifle opposition without having to resort to logic, words, communication…


Geoff Anderson Sun 17 Mar 2019 12:14AM

Re this shooting; the story has been continuously changing so not sure of the facts but have some questions.
How would law changes have affected this tragedy?
Is there some argument that the victims should or could have been armed to defend themselves?
Is there some argument that we should arm to protect ourselves against our own Govt?
(Just trying to eliminate the spurious arguments)

I’m a long time shooter and I argue that there is a place for legit firearm use but self defence isn’t one of them in the society that I want to live in.
Guns, knives, explosives, poisons & money are tools… and just like cars, can kill by accident or when used with malice. I’m saying that it is not the tool but rather the society that provided the motivation.

There are many types of owners but the ones who are attracted to the power as an extension of their will are the ones that scare me most (Guns are a tool). Don’t fear the gun, fear a particular type of person and realize they don’t always use a gun or even do the deed themselves…

The politics

Link shows that statistics are manipulated for control agendas.
(Side note) Worst crime time-line matches with Govt changing labour, retirement & ACC laws
Other stories on this site have arms office making up its own laws. (I have experienced that one to be true.)

Is there any question that the media push the conflicts and manipulate large segments of our society?
When I look at the motivations I see money and power plays manipulating bigotries as the cause.

My heart goes out to all the families that this crime has hurt.


Geoff Anderson Sun 17 Mar 2019 3:50AM

A second set of ideas.
“Gun fingerprint” usually means firing a projectile and recording the subtle marks left on it and on the case.
Its not a 100% but post crime it may help so long as nothing is changed on the gun. …But that’s too late, isn't it?
Doesn’t work on sabot rounds either.

The fingerprint addon to guns are a new tech and mostly for pistols, custom to a particular model or shape weapon. Still unreliable. …can be hacked, smashed, removed. Also; don’t always work, remaining locked or unlocked if battery flat or timed out or miss positioned finger.
They can affect the trigger pull, which is important if you are wanting to hit something.
They cause the grip to be too large for small hands which is a safety thing…
Note that there are variations that wont work when a certain cell signal is present thus making safe areas.

In that same vane, there are mechanical trigger and chamber locks, lockable covers & transport cases.
There’s quite a lot of competition in the industry. Really its not the area we should worry over.

Here’s where it gets bent… With off the shelf materials; myself and most engineers, can build a shotgun in an evening. With a piece of old barrel & my trusty 3D printer I can make a machine pistol in a couple of days.
(I wouldn’t of course) But the point is ‘how do you make laws when this is the new reality?’

It seems to break down to “knowledge & intent”.
There will always be people with the knowledge. Sure we should keep it… shall we say “limited or restricted”?
INTENT: Society is just as responsible for causing intent as the individual.
When benign we call it socialization and when malevolent we call it radicalization.
Either way, its a programming that comes from other members of society.
So: If you wind someone up, poke them, stir them, falsify info etc…And they act
How much responsibility do you want to take?
I ask this because its not part of the normal debate on firearm safety but regularly seems behind the motivation of the attacks.


Geoff Anderson Tue 19 Mar 2019 8:34AM

OK you’ve read my other posts…
By Jacinda's argument; police should be armed with flintlocks.
How many times do you have to shoot a suspect?

If Jacinda changes the law… and she has the power to do it.
First problem is that the police don’t have a clue about who owns what.
Remember: Govt and police made that law this way. They threw out the tracking of each firearm. Giving them more power to snoop and control.. and strangely made them more MONEY.

The irony is that the easiest place to get a military assault weapon and armour “is a police car”!
You can’t steal them if you don’t have a licence….yeh right!
So is she going to send people with military assault guns, body armour & helmets to the doors of everybody with a gun licence: Question; do you have a semi auto gun; Answer NO!
If people die as a result of the forced taking of property, then I argue that it would be SHE who is responsible. It is still legal to shoot an armed robber isn’t it? (The law changes so often)

The stats for the periods of highest crime, just happen to match the time line of law changes and govt law abuses and extra taxes (Go figure).
Talk deaths on road or deaths by medical misadventure or deaths each day by govt. directed drone strikes.
Each of those statistics mock their justifications for greater POWER by law change or honesty by govt.
You get that; 160,000 people die every day?
Perspective verses propaganda programming…Which will win?


Geoff Anderson Tue 19 Mar 2019 11:44PM


Geoff Anderson Wed 20 Mar 2019 10:39AM

Re your poll “ should the MSSA class weapons be banned”-
Choice: Act 1st discuss later or NO!
My argument follows, that this type of shooting was a mental act and the re-action is as crazy.

Firstly a poll when emotions are so high is a bit rude..
I would suggest a person with a fear of guns is twice as fearful at this time.
A small statistical blip in the cause of death statistics but a huge bump in the emotional stakes.
How much is influenced by biased information from the media?

Fear of the unknown is important in interpreting the result of such a poll. (you already started it)

I know it sounds like I have an axe to grind…But.
If you also ask... Have you fired over 1000 rounds? …over 500?
I’ll bet you $500 that a pattern appears in the stats…

Those with little experience will try to control those with …


Geoff Anderson Thu 21 Mar 2019 12:19AM

DAY 6 after the shootings and many of Bee’s warnings have come to pass.
Those that practice the philosophy of “never let a good crisis go to waste” had started before the blood was dry.
Establishment has arrested people for having copies of the video proof of the crime.
“Proof” that has already debunked several official narratives spread by NZ media and police…
Particularly important considering his trial hasn’t started…. (Kim had a similar problem)
Websites both inside and outside the country have been censored and blocked to NZ residents.

'Crazy number' prison sentence and fines have been bandied around as if they were fact.

Draconian gun laws (or the proposal of) have been pushed and drama’ed by most media channels.
Shooters have been demonized with stereotype slurs. TV programs have been taken off air.

[EDIT to correct grievous error] I had stated [here] that the MSD had sent out a virtue signal letter that sowed discord. The statement was FALSE. I had listened to bad information and not checked. It was in fact a good letter that I should have supported. I’ll try not to make the same mistake again. (Too narrow a view)

Society was hurt by the shooting but society is being destroyed by these virtue attacks on law & civil rights.
These virtue attacks are crossing the line and are breaking our laws and are affecting our civil rights and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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