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This thread is for folks from the CCANZ community to report on any talks, workshops or events they have provided on CC licensing in Aotearoa.


Matt McGregor Wed 7 Oct 2015 9:16PM

I'm currently at ULearn 2015 in Auckland, where Cable Green from CCHQ has been giving a range of workshops and talks on open educational resources.


Helen Baxter Wed 7 Oct 2015 9:30PM

Last month I gave a lecture on CC and infographics to the Science in Society class at Victoria University.


Matt McGregor Fri 9 Oct 2015 1:24AM

I spoke to some great people at Hamilton Computer Club last night.


Melissa Laing Thu 15 Oct 2015 1:55AM

I gave a talk on Monday to about 40 Dilworth staff on cc & developing an ip policy as part of their pd.


Sophie Jerram Thu 15 Oct 2015 9:37AM

Greetings all. Apologies if this is out of sync - I have been VERY silent on this thread to date but I thought you all might be interested to know we ( Letting Space and Enspiral) are bringing Michel Bauwens, founder of P2P Foundation and Commons Transition, to New Zealand between November 24-Dec 3rd.


He's a very practised speaker and networker and will be speaking publicly at

Auckland Art Gallery 24th Nov
Wellington Biz Dojo 25th Nov
Porirua - as part of our event TEZA 26th November
Dunedin (location TBC) 30th Nov
Christchurch 1 or 2nd December

I will post more on this as it comes to hand - hope this is the right place for the info.


Matt McGregor Thu 15 Oct 2015 11:56PM

Thanks @sophiejerram - I'll post this on the cc-nz mailing list, and @elizabeth can throw a plug into our next newsletter.


Sophie Jerram Fri 16 Oct 2015 12:21AM

Great MattWe should have the flyer and details rearing to go by next week -shall I post to you directly?


Matt McGregor Fri 16 Oct 2015 12:22AM

Sounds good - I'll hold off posting until I hear more - just email me at [email protected]


Matt McGregor Sun 18 Oct 2015 6:20AM

On Friday, I gave a short talk on our CC in schools work at the Creative Commons Global Summit, and also participated in a couple of OER and open policy sessions.


Victoria Leachman Mon 19 Oct 2015 9:44PM

On Thursday 8 October I visited Canterbury Museum to talk GLAM collections and copyright to staff. I included a briefing on Creative Commons licensing.

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