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This thread is for folks from the CCANZ community to report on any talks, workshops or events they have provided on CC licensing in Aotearoa.


Victoria Leachman Mon 19 Oct 2015 9:45PM

On Friday 16 October I talked to the Vernon User Group about GLAM collection management, copyright, and openness including Creative Commons licensing


Elizabeth Heritage Tue 20 Oct 2015 2:16AM

Recently I have given talks about CC to: Vernon User Group (with Victoria), SLANZA conference, CareersNZ, and Tinderbox conference. This week coming up I'll be on a panel discussing IP at Dance Aotearoa NZ.


Thomasin Sleigh Wed 21 Oct 2015 10:05PM

I've been running "train the trainer" GIF-making workshops with staff at public libraries across NZ. This workshop introduces DigitalNZ, open licensing, touches on CC, before moving to a hands-on practical GIF-making session. CC is covered very quickly (the workshop is only 2 hours), but participants are pointed in the direction of further info. I've got two more workshops coming up next week at the Awa City Clubhouse in Whanganui, and with South Taranaki Libraries.


Matt McGregor Mon 9 Nov 2015 9:38PM

This week, we have a stand at the LIANZA conference, generously provided gratis by the LIANZA team.


Hamish MacEwan Sun 15 Nov 2015 5:33AM

Michel Bauwens NZ Lecture Tour: P2P Design, Open Source Collaboration, & the Sharing Economy

Founder and Director, P2P Foundation

The leading chronicler of commons-based peer production is coming to New Zealand. From P2P design to open source collaboration to the sharing economy, new forms of cooperation, value creation, and distribution are emerging.

Dates roughly as per Sophie's post.


Melissa Laing Sun 22 Nov 2015 8:14PM

On Friday 20 Nov, I went into the head office of the Auckland Kindergarten Association to talk to them about Creative Commons in education. It was a meeting/pitch to three of their staff who were really interested in how the principles of cc, open education and sharing resources might be applied to the kindergarten sector.


Elizabeth Heritage Mon 23 Nov 2015 12:43AM

In February I will be going to Whitireia / WelTec to talk to them about CC and OERs.


Matt McGregor Mon 23 Nov 2015 1:26AM

Last week, a new volunteer, William McKee, provided a talk to a writers' group in Hamilton - it sounded like he got some great feedback.


Matt McGregor Fri 27 Nov 2015 2:48AM

More detail from @williammckee on our email list:

"I recently did a talk about Creative Commons at Writers Den Hamilton.
The slides can be found at http://wcmckee.com​/creativecommons​.svg

People seemed generally positive. I had people approaching
me after the talk asking about licencing their blogs under a cc

Writers Den Hamilton has a site - http://writersdenhamilton.org.nz
The licence is CC BY by default. Currently it's only my work on there
but I plan on helping others in the group start to upload their work.

People tend to write short stories for wdh as we have homework tasks
and people bring in the work to share and critique. These short
stories (500 words) would work well on the site and be a stepping
stone for writers that feel uneasy about licencing their novel under a
cc licence.




Matt McGregor Wed 2 Dec 2015 2:36AM

Last week, a CCANZ volunteer, Richard McLaren, introduced a CC policy at Shirley Boys High School - which was subsequently approved.

With around 1500 students, this is a big win. We're slowly ticking off many of the larger high schools.

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