Wed 3 Jun 2015 12:44PM

Body Corporate enquiry in Census

FH Frances Horton Public Seen by 334

Hi Bronwen, great to have this opportunity to give feedback. I’m not sure if “Address Of Dwelling” is the correct location for my enquiry - it might be better suited to OTHER, but you can decide and advise accordingly.
My enquiry relates to BODY CORPORATE entities.
Will the 2018 Census include a question along the lines of “Do you belong to a Body Corporate” or “Does your dwelling involve membership of a Body Corporate”?
The reasons I feel that Census should ask this question is because [1] There is no national register of Body Corporates. [2] No one knows exactly how many BCs exist. Although the Body Corporate’s identifing number is generated from the Unit Titles Act registration process, there are Cross-Leased and early 1960-1970 strata title dwellings throughout NZ which have formed Body Corporate structures to administer their common property. [3] There is an increasing compliance regime loaded onto Body Coporates by legislation: for example the new Health & Safety legislation due this year, and the amendments to the Unit Titles Act requiring Body Corporates to administer Long Term Maintenance Plans.
Body Corporate information would be of immense value to local TA’s, the Government, Real Estate Agents, the public [who may have dealings with Body Corporates] and potential purchasers of properties.
There are many other applications.- such as interest from the education sector in providing short courses for those who are elected to Chair person. Often the Chairperson is “the last volunteer left standing” and unaware of the responsibilities and governance principles involved.
Looking forward to expert reply!

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Sue Wed 10 Jun 2015 1:03AM

Sorry - this comment is probably in the wrong place but I cant think of where else to put it. It's wonderful to get the chance to have input into things like the census as in this tumultuous world it's easy for little people like me to feel a lot of stress, lack of power and a faceless pawn. Having opportunities to be heard eases my fight/flight frustration where I can't escape and I cant fight so just feel screwed up.
It seems to me that the census is a brilliant time to add an extra sheet of tick boxes to guage how people feel about major issues such as asset sales, immigration, overseas property ownership, what our idea of the ideal NZ population size is, climate change, refugees etc. During elections we have a small number of parties with a big variety of policies. I don't like that if I vote for one party it is taken that I agree with all their policies. e.g the election before last where I voted National because I didnt like something the others had, yet asset sales happened because they "had a mandate". Also this last election I feel National's big win was more to do with Dotcom backlash than approval of their policies. Rather than have expensive one off referendums people can have their say at the same time as the census.


Ellen Blake Mon 15 Jun 2015 9:16AM

I like both these ideas!


Frances Horton Mon 22 Jun 2015 12:09PM

Hi Bronwen or facilitator for this thread - I put the enquiry about Body Corporate involvement into the OTHER category as suggested.
Haven't seen any replies or feedback.
Sorry, I don't know if Census has asked this question in the past. I'm still wondering if it ought to be included --- for the reasons stated above.
I'm on the inaugural committee to establish the Auckland Body Corporate Chair's group 'BCCG' - a non-profit educative and referral group for elected Body Corporate Chairs.
Body Corporates are a hugely valuable sector of the economy - and - BCs are mostly run by lay people with little experience of BC management and governance.

With concerns about Leaky Buildings, Earthquake strengthening, the Christchurch Earthquake rebuild, the reforms in the UTA regarding BC's - I think it's imperative that Census begins to count the number of people involved in Body Corporates.
Should I make a formal submission?


Andrea(facilitator) Wed 24 Jun 2015 1:00AM

Hi Frances, thanks for your comments. Just wanting to understand is everyone who lives in an apartment involved in a body corporate? and are body corporates only used for apartment buildings? You may be able to answer or others may have the answer to this? We may be able to get some relevant information from the occupied dwelling type information, particularly if we raise the top category for number of storeys. You might like to make a submission. It might be about what changes are needed for the occupied dwelling type variable to provide information on body corporates. regards, Andrea